Yoga Is Like Sex…

Yoga is Like Sex…

Yoga is like sex.
You can read about it, hear about it, and watch other people do it, but until you experience it first hand, yourself, you don’t really get it. So what’s the excitement all about? Why is yoga showing up everywhere from auto ads to executive meetings? Why are airlines presenting it to their passengers and why is it featured on Oprah? Kids are doing it in schools; buff athletes are doing it, even pregnant women and the wheelchair-bound. There must be something very seductive about yoga!
If you do yoga, you know that it’s seductive. That delicious feeling of stretching from the inside out; that soothing sensation like warm honey flowing through energized limbs; and the „big payoff“ at the end of a practice: floating away into the infinite. You can’t access this in pictures, and yoga isn’t a spectator sport. The real experience is only available to you if you actually do yoga.
Yoga is not just about the beautiful bodies of diehard yogis and yoginis, although fitness is definitely one of the major payoffs, yoga is a path to that illusive center we are all seeking…it’s a path to inner peace. We’re being drawn to yoga by the thousands because we need it; we crave what yoga offers and deeply need the body-mind-spirit connection we experience when we practice the 5000 year old art of yoga.
Increased strength and flexibility, relief from headaches, back problems, sleep troubles, and stress related issues; deep relaxation, feeling energized, powerful, peaceful and centered… Sounds good? These are only a few of the myriad benefits of a yoga practice. Life is so much easier when we feel comfortable in our bodies, relaxed in spirit and come from a peaceful place of power within. Our days become more enjoyable and more relaxed. Our relationships become deeper and more sensitive. The world seems to be more manageable and, rather than reactive, we become positively proactive.
Many people first come to yoga for physical reasons. They want to find relief from back pain or they want to lose weight. They nba 2k16 cheats hack tool see the external benefits of a yoga practice, but like sex, the internal experience is what keeps them coming back for more.
„This all sounds good,“ you say, „but I haven’t bent forward and touched the floor since I was 12. Sure, seems like a good thing to try, but I haven’t exercised since high school! I’d be embarrassed to be seen in those tight yoga clothes… or worse, in a yoga class. I’d make a fool out of myself!“ I’ve heard it all… and there’s always a way. Don’t allow your chattering mind or your fragile ego to keep you from discovering the treasures you’ll find through yoga. Yoga is accessible to everybody. All you need to do is make a decision to go for it.
Regardless of your physical ability, yoga can be adapted to be accessible to you. If you are physically challenged, you can do yoga seated in a chair. Even those who are bedridden can do yoga and we can all benefit greatly from „pranayama,“ the yoga of the breath.
Too busy? Weave it into your day with seated stretches at your computer, in the airplane, or while standing in line at the bank. Yoga can be subtle, internal and powerful. As you might suspect, I never take „No“ for an answer. There’s always a way to do yoga.
Here are a few tips to ease your entry into the world of yoga:
The first step is commitment. My first yoga class was a rude wake-up call. Every injury I’d ever had was talking to me. visit our website I thought I was in pretty good shape at 44, but my body’s ability to do those poses was beyond discouraging… I hated it. There was voice inside my head that screamed, „Get me outta here!“ But there was a more persistent little voice inside of me that said, „You don’t have to like this, just do it.“ I knew, on some level, that I’d be really sorry if I quit so I made a deal with myself to keep going back to yoga class twice a week for a month. No judgments, no analyzing, no deciding „like it or not.“ So I pre-paid the classes and took my body to yoga class. After that month, I was hooked. I highly recommend this approach… It changed my life.
Once you get yourself into yoga class, the next biggest challenge is self-acceptance. A yoga teacher of mine once said, „Begin where you are and stay there.“ Wise words, and a big relief! After all, there’s no other place to start than by accepting ourselves right where we are and realizing that we’ll never be exactly there again. Every yoga practice is different because we are different, day-to-day, and minute-to-minute. One of the basic lessons we learn from a yoga practice is not to judge ourselves. For most of us, that’s a hard one. Our culture trains us to be competitive. We want to compare ourselves with each other, with the teacher, and especially with our image of what we think we should be able to do. If you want to enjoy your yoga practice, judge not! Watch yourself from the inside; explore the sensations and the new feelings. Experience yourself from the inside out.
Another big hurdle is overcoming the goal-oriented, „Type A“ personality approach to yoga; the attitude that the body must conform to perfection and each pose must be the textbook ideal. Give it up! Not a good idea for a number of reasons. First, no body does perfect poses. Not even the teacher, even though you may think so initially. There is no perfect pose. Yoga is a process, not a goal. The perfect pose for your body read here is different from the perfect pose for my body, or for any other body. The pose that is most integrated and balanced, that give you the best stretch and honors your body’s limits… that is your perfect pose.
Secondly, yoga is a process of unfoldment. The symbol of yoga is the Thousand Petaled Lotus that keeps opening its petals deeper and deeper toward its center. Every time you do a pose, it will be a bit different, you’ll do it at a different level and from a different place within yourself. Allow for those changes and patiently let yoga bring you to deeper levels of each pose as time goes on. After a while you’ll discover that the real yoga isn’t about the external form of the poses, it’s about how you move the energy in your body to create them from the inside out.
And third, honor your body. It’s not about pushing to your limit in every pose. You’ll really regret that the next day! Yoga shouldn’t hurt, and it’s an inside job as to whether or not you’ll experience pleasure or pain. You are in control here. The teacher talks, you do the yoga with your body. Just as we resist psychologically when we get pushed too far too fast (Oh yeah? Just try to make me!), our bodies resist as well. So honor your body’s limits, don’t push; allow, breathe and soften into the poses.
Keep in mind that there are as many different forms of Hatha Yoga (the physical path of yoga) as there are yoga teachers. Every teacher has a unique teaching style, approach and attitude, even if they have been trained in the same yoga lineage. It’s important to shop around for a teacher who is well trained and one who inspires you. Find the teacher that suits your style and don’t be afraid to go to different classes and change teachers as you develop your yoga practice.
Yoga is an amazing journey of self-discovery. The way you approach your yoga practice is a microcosm of the way you approach your life. It’s a truthful mirror, a deep learning and exploration into the depths of the soul. I wish you blessings on your yoga path and light in your journey back to your most beautiful, authentic self.

Yoga Studio Seo (search Engine Optimization)

Yoga Studio SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As Yoga studios start off in the new year, many are thinking about how to market and grow their business. Because studios are „local businesses“, one of the main avenues for promoting their business is via Google. But one important thing Yoga studios need tanki online hacked to consider is their SEO or search engine optimization. Yoga SEO is all about focusing on your local city. So if you live in Los Angeles or Chicago, this needs to be very prominent visit more information in your strategy. Google has gotten very smart about how to deliver relevant local business search results and it can detect what city the user is in and will show them all the studios in their area. Many businesses are very confused about what SEO is. One of the main points in trying to explain this to Yoga nba 2k16 hack cheats businesses is by using the appnana hack no root analogy that every time someone links to you, it’s a „Like“ on Facebook. Each link tells Google that your website is liked by other people and so it starts to rank you higher for your keywords. When managing your Yoga SEO , here are some things to consider:
1. Make sure each page on your site has proper title, description, and keywords in the meta tags
2. Make sure that the first couple sentences of each page have those keywords
3. Make sure you have some links coming to your page with those keywords set up as back links
Search Engine Optimization can sounds a little more intimidating then it actually is. If you would like some help I offer the service of being a Yoga business consultant and work with Yoga studios and teachers with their marketing and branding. Please also check back here to learn more about the changes that Google has made to local business search results as they are pretty major!

Yoga Poses Types Of Yoga

Yoga Poses – Types Of Yoga

Yoga is a perfect practical system of self-culture. It is a science, which aims at the harmonious development of the body, the mind and the soul. Yoga aims at controlling the mind and its modifications. It is consists of ancient theories,Halasana observations and principles about the mind and body connection, which is now being proven by modern Science.

Yoga Pose: Cat/Cow

Tell your kids to get on the floor on all fours. Have your kids arch their backs upward. This is cat pose. Then instruct them to go into a backbend. This is cow pose.

Yoga Pose: Eagle

The kids should stand with feet flat on the floor. Then they should wrap their arms around each other so that the fingers of the right hand touch the palm of the left. To complete the pose, they should wrap the right leg around the left, tucking the toes around the ankle. Repeat on the other side. Look at this picture of eagle pose to see how to do this yoga pose properly. If they appnana hack apk experience difficulty, simply have the kids flap their wings and squawk for a few seconds to release tension.

Forward Bends

This type of yoga basic position helps stretch your lower back and hamstrings. check more Forward bends also release tension in your back, neck, shoulders, and increase the flexibility in your spine. They often promote a sense of calmness. I find forward bends particularly challenging since I have a considerable amount of stiffness in my neck due to an old gymnastics injury. This is the type of yoga basic position where I often use a prop such as a strap or block.

Back Bends

They open your chest, rib cage, and hips. They strengthen your arms and shoulders, while simultaneously increasing flexibility in your shoulders. They help relieve tension from the front of your body and hips and they also increase spinal stability. You should always do back bends as a complement to forward bends in order to maintain balance in your body

Hatha Yoga Poses

Hatha yoga poses have remained in practice since their development in 15th century India. Hatha yoga poses are designed to support relaxation and the „contemplation of one reality.“ When used effectively alongside proper breath control and meditation, the postures are believed to lead to superior mental and physical health, as well as vitality. nba 2k16 hack cheats Classic Hatha yoga poses such as the shooting bow posture, salutation posture, and half moon posture are still used regularly in yoga classes of all kinds.

Twists ?You can perform twists to stretch and strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, increase the flexibility of your spine and improve your circulation. Twists improve the functioning of your internal organs by providing them with a fresh supply of blood as you twist and release your body.

Standing poses ?Standing poses are often used as warm up or as a starting point for other poses. Standing poses are beneficial for strengthening your legs, opening moviestarplanet hack tool download your hips and improving your sense of balance.

Inversions ?Inversions are excellent poses to perform to improve your blood circulation, quiet your mind and improve your overall health. Inversions are also believed to reverse the ageing process and reduce the effect of the gravity on your body.

Relaxation and restorative poses ?It is important to take time to perform relaxation or restorative poses at the end of each yoga practice. You can use this time to relax your body and mind and allow energy released by the poses in your practice to move freely throughout your body.

Yoga Knoxville, Tn

Yoga: Knoxville, TN

Yoga is flourishing now even in the conservative South, with studios popping up everywhere offering enough different yoga classes to make the head moviestarplanet cheats hack spin. That is certainly the case for yoga in Knoxville, TN.
This can be great news if you’ve been practicing yoga for some time and you’re interested in trying out different styles of yoga practice.
If you’re new to yoga in Knoxville, TN, however, so many choices can lead to confusion over where to begin. One false start could end your interest in yoga forever.
Knowing beforehand what you’d like to get out of your yoga class coupled with an idea of what the different yoga styles have to offer will likely lead to a very positive experience of yoga.
Here are concise descriptions of the different styles of yoga in Knoxville currently. To find a specific studio where your preferred styles are offered, simply do a web search on Google or the search engine of your choice.
Yoga Knoxville, TN: Styles and descriptions follow.
Anusara Yoga: Anusara blends attention to details of alignment with opening the heart.
Ashtanga Yoga: Ashtanga is one of visit more information the more athletic forms of yoga, emphasizing movement through a prescribed series of postures.
Children’s Yoga: Your child can stay flexible and grow strong, develop concentration and total balancing while ‚playing‘ at yoga class. Animal poses are always a hit.
Hatha yoga: Hatha literally means ‚forceful,‘ and on another level it means ‚Sun-Moon,‘ meaning the union of opposites. In this country, hatha yoga has unfortunately come to mean generic gentle yoga, which is not at all how hatha was meant to be practiced. There’s nothing wrong with gentle yoga, of course.
Hot yoga: Bikram Choudhury, yoga teacher to the stars, was the first to make hot yoga popular (and controversial) in the United States with his eponymous Bikram Yoga. Practicing yoga in a heated room increases flexibility, thus preventing injury. It also releases toxins from the body.
Iyengar yoga: Iyengar yoga emphasizes precise alignment of the body while holding postures.
Kripalu Yoga: Kripalu Yoga integrates yoga postures and breathing with meditation, making it as much an inward experience as it is an outward exercise. Classes range from gentle to vigorous in level of exertion.
Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini Yoga is an intense combination of purifying, energetic movements with breathing and chanting to awaken energy centers called chakras and clear away blockages in the energy body.
Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga is a very gentle practice. Participants use props to support them in the poses, getting the energetic and opening benefits of the postures without exerting much force.
Prenatal and Momma-Baby yoga: Yoga can enhance the pregnancy experience, help a healthy birth and keep mom and baby in shape afterwards.
Vinyasa yoga: Vinyasa yoga (also called flow and power yoga) is the movement from one posture to the next, each movement connected by the inhalation or exhalation moviestarplanet hack tool download of the breath. Usually the flow is based on the sun salutation and the pace of movement between poses is fairly fast, but that is not always the case.
Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue – tendons, ligaments, and cartilage – for increased tanki online hacked flexibility. Postures tend to be held for longer periods as a restorative technique. Yin yoga emphasizes grounding, as opposed to more energetic ‚yang‘ styles of yoga, like Ashtanga, for instance.
Every student has an opinion of what the best yoga in Knoxville, TN is because every student is looking to get something slightly different out of the experience. Try out a few different teachers and classes, and you’ll soon have a favorite of your own.

Yoga Poses How To Implement Them Right

Yoga Poses – How To Implement Them Right

Yoga sequencing generally is a very advanced topic, because sequencing refers to extra than just the order of yoga poses. Typically speaking, the perfect pose sequence is determined by the school of yoga, goal and stage of the practitioner. This means that optimum pose sequences are very subjective and will range from session to session.
Movements within a Yoga Pose
The sequence of actions wanted to apply a yoga tanki online hacked pose ought to be fastidiously adhered to. Although schools of yoga differ, the easy Warrior Pose is sequenced the identical approach every time. Each step throughout the pose, starting with the starting stance in Tadasana, flows into the subsequent step until finally Warrior Pose might be held and concentrated on. Attaining the ultimate pose posture by approaching it the same method every time will ensure right alignment and balance.
Yoga Pose Sequence
The sequence of a yoga pose collection can moviestarplanet hack cheats tool be a bit trickier. As acknowledged earlier, the order of yoga poses will differ for every person based on quite a lot of preferences ranging from yoga college to how an individual is feeling that day. To start out with, every yoga college of thought, together with Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram and appnana hack no root Viniyoga, has its own concepts about the correct pose sequencing. Bikram, for example, practices 26 poses, twice, in the identical order every time. Ashtanga yoga, then again, follows a main sequence of seventy five poses, an intermediate series, and 4 superior series. The practitioner advances to the following collection of poses once the first sequence may be completed well.
For many who need to sequence their own yoga sequence, keeping the flow of poses in mind will assist create an effective and clean development of movements. A typical session begins with respiration follow and warm ups, followed by a solar salutation series that moves into standing poses, then balancing poses, then inversions, then bends and twists and that lastly ends with the corpse pose, often called Savasana. Even within this normal sequence, nonetheless, poses will be substituted and various to increase problem level. Some instructors will repeat sequences in the standing pose series, for example, while others will concentrate on a quick-flowing progression by way of a sequence.
With the various faculties this website of yoga and the wealth of data obtainable about yoga and pose sequencing, a yogi ought to be at no loss to choose poses that assist fit a single purpose. No matter series of poses you set together on any given day, be sure it is appropriate to age, power, and skill levels to maintain {injuries

Yoga Styles

Yoga Styles

The Different Styles of Yoga

Although various Styles have developed over the years, the basic difference between the major styles is more on the degree to which you do it rather than how you do it. So the major differences are the on things like how you align your body, what kind of breathing method you follow and how it is coordinated with your movements, how you stay on a posture and how you shift from one posture to the next. In the next section of the article we will try fifa 17 hack password and discuss some of these styles in detail.


This particular style was developed on the basis of the teachings of the reputed yogi B.K.S Iyengar. The major emphasis of this style is on bodily alignment. One of the most critical aspects of yoga, the alignment of body is basically the position you hold while performing the asanas. This alignment decides how effective each of the asanas would be. What Iyengar suggested was that it was important to hold a pose for a long period of time to maximize the effects of the asana. He was moviestarplanet hack cheats tool not a believer in rapid changes from one to the next posture. In fact, he even advocated the use of props such as the yoga blanket so that it was possible to hold on to a posture for a longer period of time.


This style was developed by K. Pattabhi. Astanga is a Sanskrit word which means „eight limbs“. This style is quite the opposite of the Iyengar style, at least in terms of the speed with which the asanas are performed. The emphasis here is on speed. The routines are generally quite intense and demand a lot from the practitioner as he moves from one posture to another continually. Astanga has been subsequently developed into the more modern Power Yoga. This latest form of yoga borrows heavily nba 2k16 hack cheats from astanga the peed and flow of the routine, although the asanas may vary from the ones that Astanga prescribes.


This Styles of Yoga was developed by T.K.V. Desikachar who was the on of the renowned yogic guru Krishnamacharya. The emphasis in this form of yoga is on the breathing techniques and how you coordinate your breathing with your bodily movements. A much gentler style of yoga when compared to the Astanga, it however has similarities with Astanga when it comes to the flow from one posture to another. Viniyoga is in a sense Astanga in slow motion. The body gets enough time to focus on each of the postures and also regulate the breathing. The stress is far less and the pace considerably reduced. Viniyoga teaches its students the methods of using the various tools that are available in yoga such as the pranayama tanki online hacked that tells you how to control your breathing, chanting, asana, and meditation. So it has a very holistic approach to yoga unlike many of the modern derivatives. Today Viniyoga is increasingly gaining in popularity and is thought to be the style most suited for beginners.

Yoga Great Benefits

Yoga Great Benefits

Yoga is one of the health and fitness programs that many people have learned to love and perform. Once people discover the good benefits from performing yoga, they can&25264; help but resist the urge to also experience the good things it can provide.

Yoga is said to be able to help in cleansing the body and effectively eliminates body disorders. Yoga increases the body&25263; flexibility. Different yoga positions work on the different body joints, including those joints that we do not usually use and exercise. With the well-researched, tried and tested positions in yoga, the joints, tendons and ligaments are lubricated which allows ease in moving. There are people who have lacked exercise and some tedious body movements and their body become rigid after not having been used lately. There are yoga positions to once again put this body to work but not in a way that it will put strain on the body parts.

Massage is truly an exhilarating experience. Yet unlike the usual massage which only works on certain areas of the body, yoga is a fitness program that can massage all the body organs. By the thorough massage manner that yoga offers, even the organs which are hardly moviestarplanet cheats hack stimulated are stirred and moved by yoga. Yoga indeed can benefit the entire body, not just your back or your arms. The organs being massaged and stimulated can benefit us n more than one way. It helps our body in avoiding diseases, most especially.

Another great benefit of yoga is that it makes the body to become fully aware of diseases that are about to happen in the body. Future infections and sicknesses that are soon to affect the body are being forewarned to us through yoga. With this awareness, we can then take precautionary measures to correct the problem and totally eliminate the chance of getting sick.

Yoga also helps detoxify the body. With the muscles being stretch and the organs being lightly massaged, blood flows adequately to every part of our body. This way, the body is able to flush out and away the toxins that have accumulated in our body. Away goes the toxin so that nourishment will come in. This then leads to share this website delayed aging process; the body becomes energized and relished.

Stretching the muscles will lead to their excellent toning. This is greatly beneficial to people whose muscles have gone weak and slothy as the flaccidity and flab will be shed away.

These are just a few of the amazing physical effects of practicing yoga. Yoga can also help keep and maintain the harmony between body and mind. When these two are in perfect harmony, there will be no doubt that you will experience fantastic results.

Yoga also involves meditation, aside share this website from the body stretching positions. Through proper meditation, the mind is helped to focus, concentrate and synchronize with the body. With meditation, we are able to work and achieve our goal in uniting the mind, spirit and body towards good health. Meditation also helps us ease any emotional imbalance that we may have inside us. It helps us to feel calm, relaxed and have a positive perception in life.

Yoga Jewelry Yoga Jewelry Beneficial To Yoga Practice

Yoga Jewelry – Yoga Jewelry Beneficial to Yoga Practice

Yoga is an exercise that continues to grow in popularity. While it used to be associated with Eastern religions, yoga has broadened its audience and is now practiced by a wide variety of people around the world. Yoga is known for providing physical, mental and spiritual benefits to during their experience. Various jewelry items are available for both male and female and can be either simple or elaborate, depending on the taste and desire of the wearer.
Yoga Jewelry is not an essential item for the exercise, but can be utilized to help improve the wearer’s focus and motivation to yoga. As the jewelry becomes more common, these items are becoming more beautiful and help inspire positive feelings when worn. A wide variety of jewelry items is available and is being made specifically for the practicing yogi, including chakra necklaces, Om mane padme bangles, Om namah bangles, Om yoga jewelry, Ommane padme rings and chakra jewelry. The jewelry sometimes includes birth stones and other quality stones in the bracelets, pendants and key rings.
The Om symbol is one of the most popular and most recognized symbols in yoga jewelry. Wearing the Om symbol is a reminder for the one who practices yoga of what is important to them throughout nba 2k16 cheats hack tool the day. Om is a regular and well recognized chant for some people who regularly do yoga. In yoga, Om is used as a mantra to help users focus and reach higher levels of awareness of what is going on with their bodies during the exercise. Om is a sacred Hindu symbol and is said to be the subtle vibrations caused by everything in the universe that the ancient Hindu leaders were able to pick up on.
There are other options available beyond the Om symbol when considering yoga jewelry. These include god and goddess pendants, chakras, birth stones, stones and symbols signifying seasons and jewelry inspired by natural elements. Chakras, for example, use seven gemstones in a circular pattern to relate to the seven different chakras. The point of the chakras is to subtly stimulate and move the energy that is found within the body. Yoga inspired jewelry is meant to improve the wearer’s ability to connect the mind, body and spirit. The items are designed with the goal to enhance and energize the wearer throughout the day and provide a little reminder of the love of yoga
Yoga accessories can be very fashionable. Therefore, they are popular even among people who do not practice yoga regularly or even at all. For example, you will regularly see people wearing yoga pants at a store, the mall, the park, etc. This is because they are comfortable, stylish, and come in a variety of styles. The same can be said for yoga tops, which include long-sleeved shirts, tees, tanks, and more. Many of these tops have different designs and writings on them, which are typically related to yoga. They are either sayings that promote the teachings of yoga or designs that are indicative of the discipline’s Indian and Hindu origins. Yoga jewelry is usually also designed based on tanki online hack tool no survey the Indian and Hindu heritage of the Yoga philosophy.
Because of this, as with yoga clothing, many people buy yoga jewelry, regardless of whether they practice it or not. These accessories can also be very stylish, and as the Indian culture is “in” these days, this type of jewelry is very fashionable as well. The different read here designs and beads that the various bracelets and necklaces contain might have to do with the principles and teachings of the Hindu religion and Buddhism, which the teachings of Yoga have roots in. For example, Hinduism promotes positivity based on the principle that positive actions have positive effects, and you can find good vibe chakra charm bracelets.
Another example of a yoga jewelry design that is popular is based on a major Hindu Deity called Shiva. According to Hinduism, Shiva has a crescent moon on his head. As a result, many Shiva moon necklaces contain charms that bear this crescent moon design. These are only some of the different types of designs you might find for this type of jewelry. You will mostly find bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, which usually have some types of beads along them, but you can find earrings as well. It is also easy to find high-quality bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry items of this type that are hand-made from natural material.
If you like the teachings and principles of yoga or if you just like the designs, then you might want check more to consider buying some of these accessories even if you do not perform yoga regularly. If you are a yoga practitioner, then wearing yoga jewelry might be a good way to show your support for this type of philosophy and exercise program.

Yoga Science The Methodology Of A Facile Pranayama


Pranayama has 2 main aims: One is control of the speed of breathing and the other is to attract cosmic vital force so that the gross, subtle and causal bodies get pervaded by this Divine Super Power. Pranayama also helps a lot in psyche control. An otherwise unruly and scattered mind can be focused at one point. Apart from this the path of warding off of mental distortions is laid down. In one voice the world of spiritual practices accepts the importance of Pranayama. It is also very important from the standpoint of accruing good mental and physical health.
When we breathe very fast the storehouse of power that sustains life dries up speedily and thus a long life span is not possible. The more the breathing is slow the more our life moviestarplanet cheats hack span attains longevity. This becomes crystal clear when scientifically a comparative research study is conducted on the breathing speeds of various creatures.
The speed of breathing and life span of various creatures is as follows:
Hare- breath 38- age 8 years; Pigeon- breath 37- age 8 years; Dog- breath 28- age 13 years; Goat- breath 24- age 14 years; Horse- breath 18- age 50 years; Man- breath 12- age 100 years; Elephant- breath 11- age 100 years; Snake- breath 7- age 120 years; Tortoise- breath 4- age 150 years.
In past times man breathed 11-12 times per minute and today we breathe 15-16 times. Thus his/her life span has decreased.
When the speed of breath increases, heat too augments. This in turn decreases ones life span. Those animals who pant like a dog i.e. whose panting is faster they die faster too. A point to note here is that panting and increase of heat are directly related. When man gets fever he starts panting. The same thing can be said differently wherein if our breath is fast our body too gets heated more. This increase of heat and fast breath end our life faster.
A scientist called Jactluve while disclosing the mystery of a long life says that today man’s bodily temperature is about 68.6. If it is rendered 46 then man can easily live for 1000 years.
In Pranayama we breathe deeply. During time of spiritual practice (Sadhana) special efforts are made and it is seen to that even at other rimes during the course of the day we do not breathe haphazardly. Instead one should always breathe deeply. Thus our health becomes sound and longevity of life is attained.
Ordinarily our lungs contract and relax 18 times per minute. In 24 hours the total number is 25620. Every breath has about 500 cc air because people breathe erroneously. Ordinarily for a body of sound health 1200 cc of air should be used. People despite realizing the need inhale only less than half the amount. It makes the body weak just as you eat half a portion of lunch or drink only half the amount of water. But knower of benefits of deep breathing always advise us to follow suit and tell us that wayward breathing leads to weakening of lungs. Thus illnesses like tuberculosis, cough, asthma etc will set in.
Taking deep breath means that the lungs get time to relax a bit and uses this little time to purify our blood more and more. Thus the heart too does not get over worked and will attain sound health. The famous footballer of England Midlothian was proud of his potent mind and energy. He attributed this to deep breathing. In every breath he inhaled 2000 cc of air whereas as laymen take in only 500 cc. It is the cheap but very important secret of good health and long life.
Dr McDonald opines: Taking deep breath not only means nourishing the lungs but that the digestive system too benefits. From the standpoint of blood purification deep breath is much more beneficial than all the medicines taken. Dr Knowles writes: Deep breathing helps man execute more tasks daily and gives zest too. Hard working laborers use more energy and hence should tire quickly. But this is not seen and they appear stronger. The chief reason for this is that with more hard work their lungs too work more and hence more blood purification takes place. Dr Matno further opines that deep breathing beneficially influences the brain. The benefits include good memory power and zest for life.
Lungs are at work predominantly in air circulation in the physical body. In the subtle body it is carried out by the navel center. The physical body inhales/exhales air via the nose whereas the subtle body circulates air. Prana is an electric force which like oxygen is merged in air. Via inhalation and exhalation it comes and goes. Of course its existence is very much different from air. No doubt salt is mixed in ocean water and yet they exist slightly apart.
Prana is an energy flow that flows in the subtle nerves of the subtle body. Just as despite blood and its veins have a strong bond yet they exist apart from one another. Similarly although a strong bond exists between subtle nerves of subtle body and Prana that flows in it yet they exist separately.
Preliminarily we can say that via control of Prana such Sidhis (Divine Powers) can be attained for which modern science will take centuries to attain. Sacred material science encompasses Pranayama, Prana control via it and good use of this mastered Prana. This should not be looked upon as a boon of some angel or grace of God. In its pristine pure form it is but of utility value akin to the body machine used like a factory. In Hatha Yoga many such Pranayamas are well known and many miracles as a result are seen. A few decades back Sir Edmund Hillary conducted the ‘Ocean to Sky’ expedition. During that time an aged Hatha Yogi of Allahbad tied a silken thread to the 60 horse power machined boat of Hillary and saw to it that the boat did not move even one inch ahead. This was energy of pure Pranayama and yet in comparison to the energy generated by such Pranayama if a Yogi errs the repercussions are very dire and unwholesome. Misuse of atomic energy is as harmful for the doer as it is for the enemy. Keeping this in mind Indian Yoga Seers unearthed such Pranayama exercises which can be performed by a person of any physical/mental state. Over here we shall elucidate 3 such Pranayamas. Every year perform one type of Pranayama daily. If the number of hours of practice is increased daily the time taken to master will be about 6 months. In the 4th year all Pranayamas should be practiced together. After this is completed Yoga aspirants/Sadhaks can contact: All World Gayatri Family, Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India or
1) In the early pre dawn hours after performing daily ablutions sit cross legged facing the eastern direction. Place both hands on the knees. Close your eyes. Meditate on the fact that in the entire sky Prana principle full of light and energy pervades it. Prana akin to clouds of hot steam shining in sun light are flowing towards moviestarplanet hack cheats tool us from all directions. And within this Prana we are seated contentedly, peacefully and joyfully.
2) From both nostrils start inhaling and meditate on the fact that we are imbibing within the body clouds of Prana principle. Just as a bird and snake enter their nest and hole in the same way scattered Prana flow around us is entering our body via the nose. Thus it is also entering our brain, chest, heart, stomach and all other organs.
3) When you inhale deeply stop it from getting exhaled for sometime and feel mentally: The Prana I have inhaled is now pervading every pore of my body. Just as when you pour water on mud it soaks the water so too our bodily parts are like dry mud and water as Prana is being soaked by our entire body. Further our body is also fully imbibing consciousness, divine light, strength, zest, enterprise, patience and valor that are conjoined to Prana (vital force).
4) Try and stop exhalation (after inhaling air) as much as you are comfortable and then slowly exhale this air. At that time mentally think: After imbibing the essence of Prana in every pore of our body dirty air is being emitted out of our body. It is like throwing away remnants after butter is churned from buttermilk. All mental taints and distortions are being emitted via exhalation of this air and like black smoke it is throwing out all unwholesome imprints of the psyche.
5) After exhaling fully let the air remain outside for sometime. Meaning live without air for sometime and think: Since all the taints of my mind have been exhaled I will shut all doors on them. Now these distortions have run away miles from me.
Before doing Japa (Mantra chanting) daily perform this Prana Akarshan Pranayama classified in 5 parts. Initially perform 5 rounds of this Pranayama. After this every month increase the number by 1 more round of Pranayama. After increasing thus in 1 year you should be able to do it for ½ an hour.
For the 1st year the above Pranakarshan Pranayama has to be done and in the 2nd year one must practice Lom-Vilom Suryavedhan Pranayama as follows-
1) In a peaceful lonely area be seated with balanced poise. Face the east, sit cross legged, sit in the easy lotus posture, spine should be erect, eyes must be half shut, place hands on both knees. This is called the Prana Mudra and be seated thus.
2) Bend the left hand and keep it slanting. In its palms place the elbow of the right hand. Raise the right hand. Place the thumb on the right nostril and place the middle and ring finger on the left nostril.
3) Close the left nostril with the help of the middle and ring finger. When you inhale air it must not be spread out in the lungs merely but should go to your navel area also. Slowly allow the air to fill up the stomach comfortably.
4) Meditate on the fact that the sun’s light on mixing with air enters the body via the Pingala subtle nerve situated in the right nostril. Its heat is radiating our inner bodily organs.
5) Let the inhaled air remain for sometime inside. Shut both the nostrils and meditate on the fact that via the concentrated light of Prana of Nabhi (navel) Chakra (subtle plexus) is getting focused in the navel subtle plexus. The Solar Plexus having remained latent for a long time in the navel is now being influenced by this concentrated Prana light. Hence it is becoming radiant and its aura is continuously augmenting.
6) Now shut the right nostril with the thumb. Open the left nostril. Slowly exhale air from the left nostril. Now meditate on the fact that the dirt that induces inactivation in the Chakras is being emitted totally. Now since this dirt is mixed with the exhaled air it is no longer radiant as it was when vital force was inhaled. It is hence becoming yellow in color and via the Ida subtle nerve it is being emitted from the left nostril’s exhaled air.
7) Now close both the nostrils. Render the lungs empty i.e. devoid of air. Meditate that the external vital force remains outside only. Since it does not pressurize the internal vital force it is very light in weight. The Prana of the Navel Chakra is focused like the sun. Like a ball of light it rises upwards as fire flames. Its flames travel from the upper region of the stomach to the throat. In the inner subtle Sushumna nerve this ball of fire (vital force) is making radiant the internal body.
8) With the thumb close the right nostril and inhale air from the left nostril. Think that via the Ida subtle nerve Prana shining brilliantly like the sun and mixed in air is entering the body. This light is entering the Solar Plexus situated in the navel along the spine (Merudand). There it is getting focused. Due to the focus of this radiant light the Solar Plexus or Surya Chakra is becoming more radiant.
9) Now shut both the nostrils. Stop the air from flowing out of the body. Meditate that radiant Prana mixed with inhaled air is entering the navel’s Solar Plexus and is rendering it permanently radiant. The radiance keeps augmenting and like tongues of flames is marching upwards. Because of this light the Sushumna subtle nerve is getting nourished ceaselessly.
10)Close the left nostril and from the right nostril slowly exhale air. Meditate that the dirt of Surya Chakra like smoke mixed with radiant breath is rendering the latter opaque and yellow. This yellow Prana air is being evicted outside via the Pingala subtle nerve. Now since the inner dirt has been removed the psyche/heart feels light and radiant.
11)Now again shut both the nostrils and as given in point number 6) render the lungs empty i.e. devoid of any air. Feel the ball of light of Sushumna subtle nerve going upward from Navel Chakra to the throat. Experience that divine brilliant light shines in the inner bodily parts.
This is one Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan Pranayama. Prana pulled within via inhalation of air is awakening the Solar Plexus in the navel region. It pierces its lethatgy and dark gloominess. From there via the Sushumna path this radiance travels to the stomach, chest and throat. Hence this Pranayama is called Surya Vedhan. Lom means straight and Vilom means upside down. Once straight – once upside down. Then upside down and then straight. Then upside down, inhaling from left, emitting from right. Inhaling from right and exhaling from left. Because of this cycle of straight/upside down it is called Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan Pranayama.
3) Naadi Shodhan Pranayama for the 3rd year:
1) In predawn hours facing the east, with spine erect sit cross legged. Keep the eye lids half shut.
2) Close the right nostril. Inhale air from the left nostril and keep on pulling it till the Navel Chakra.
3) Meditate on the fact that in the navel area is present the full moon like cool light. The inhaled air is touching it.
4) Stop the breath from going out for as long as you had inhaled it. Meditate that the inhaled air which touched the cool full moon like light of Navel Chakra is itself becoming cool and radiant.
5) Now exhale air from the same nostril from which you inhaled air. Meditate that the air (exhalation) which has become cool and radiant on touching the Navel Chakra is making the Ida subtle nerve (from which it is exhaled) cool more details and radiant while exhaling.
6) For sometime let the exhaled air remain outside (do not inhale) and again start the above mentioned process. From the left nostril inhale air and from it, exhale too. Close the right nostril with the right thumb. Do this cycle 3 times.
7) Just as you had done Poorak, Kumbhak, Rechak, Bahya Kumbhak from the left nostril in the same way do it from the right nostril. In the Navel Chakra meditate on the sun instead of the moon. While exhaling air think that the air being exhaled while touching the sun in the navel is rendering the breathing tube warm and radiant.
8) While closing the left nostril, perform the above action 3 times.
9) Now open both nostrils. Inhale air simultaneously from both nostrils and do not let it go out (do not exhale). While opening the mouth exhale air from it. This action should be carried out only once.
Three times while inhaling and exhaling from the left nostril meditate on the cool radiant moon on the Navel Chakra. Three times while inhaling and exhaling from the right nostril meditate on the warm radiant sun on the Navel Chakra. Once inhale from both nostrils, shut the nostrils and exhale slowly from the mouth. All these 7 steps put together makes 1 Naadi Shodhan Pranayama (Yogic subtle nerve purification).
4. In the 4th year practice all together:
After successfully executing the 3 Pranayamas in the 4h year practice these 3 Pranayamas together. Initially 3 Pranakarshan, 2 Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan and 1 Naadi Shodhan should be done. Later its number can be augmented in the above ratio.
After practicing the above the aspirant or Sadhak will get divine experiences. This can be demonstrated to a trustworthy person guidance too can be asked for but never should be this used for idle superficial information and talk. If these Pranayamas have matured then on the basis of experiences attained so far further guidance can be taken from
1) Practice Pranayama on an empty stomach.
2) The place should be pure with fresh air. Never practice Pranayama where there is foul stench.
3) Initially perform only 1 or 2 Pranayamas and only later increase time and number.
4) After performing Pranayama for 1 hour do not lift heavy objects.
5) Praqna energy in its pure aspect has potential of electricity. Hence just like laws of electricity until the newly generated Prana (vital force) is not properly ‘digested’ till then do not touch metals that conduct electricity. There is no harm in touching gold, silver ornaments and others of its class.
6) During Pranayama this website practice as much as is possible, avoid sexual activities because like other bodily organs during such times genitals can get excited very easily. During this time span either do not comb your hair or do it your self and instead of being bare foot wear footwear made of cloth or wood.
7) If you sleep on bedsteads do not use very soft bedding, pillows etc that give pleasure to the body.
All these are points of caution which help faster advancement of Vital Force and Vital Body. Pranayama is a direct science whose benefits can be availed by any one be it an atheist or a theist. You may or may not get miraculous gains yet most definitely you gain in a mundane manner wherein you get a long life span, good health, zest, daring, brilliance in eyes, deep sleep, light weight physically etc.

Yoga For The Grieving Child Lessons From Grief Camp

Yoga for the Grieving Child: Lessons from Grief Camp

Kids grieve differently. I first began to understand this as I drove between my home hospice families in rural Georgia. I delivered end of life care, symptom management, and, especially, I „pronounced“ the hospice patients who died on nba 2k16 hack ios my watch. Adults often cry, become angry, or find solace in faith. But the children behaved differently. As I sat with one little girl, waiting for the funeral home transortation, she lamented, „Look at those kids! They are playing ball, eating sandwiches, like nothing has happened! They don’t even miss Gran.“
My little friend was the exception. Her siblings were exhibiting normal childhood behavior. Kids have diffficulty processing the unfamiliar feelings of grief. And the unfathomable idea that, one day, they too, will cease existence as we know it. So,they resort to another more comforting activity, to avoid the unbearable reality moviestarplanet hack tool download of their mortality.
Kids feel intensley, but these emotions are so unfamiliar, they have difficulty processing them. I have learned a great deal by asking my adult friends about their childhood grief memories.
„I loved Gramp,“ said one friend. „But I couldn’t stand thinking about him being gone. I grabbed a ball, went outside & tossed it around. Folks thought I was unfeeling, or that I didn’t care. But, I did. I just couldn’t stand the pain.“
Children understand at about age six, that death is permanent. This is an upsetting concept. They worry „Who is next? Will it be Mama, Daddy, or me?“ I watched my grandson, Noah, at a recent funeral, for signs of distress. He appeared unfazed by the loss of his maternal grandmother, who he saw frequently. Barely able to read, he began starting his morning with a bowl of cereal, and a quick glance at the Obituary column. „Look who died“ he would say, holding up the paper. How could I have missed this? Adults in the household may be coping with their own mourning process, and not be helping the child with truthful information, comfort, and opportunities to ask questions. Kids may „shove“ their emotions, withdraw, act out, or feel responsible, guilty, about a death. Studies show that adults who were unable to grieve as children are at risk for developing depression later in life.
GRIEF CAMPS, with trained counselors, listen, give the child opportunities to express their feelings, in a peer friendly safe environment. The US Census Bureau states tha 1.5 million children are living in single parent households because of the death of a parent. One in twenty American kids under fifteen will suffer the loss of one or both parents due to death. YOGA is a pivotal activity for this healing GRIEF CAMP environment.
1. KIDS share this site RELATE TO ANIMALS. Even the youngest campers can visualize a dog stretching after a nap, performiong DOWN DOG to maintain a healthy spine. It becomes a playful game. Doing a Stork pose, they instantly appreciate the patience and concentration it requires to stand on one leg. This translates to focusing at school. It become a playful game, a coping tool.
2. THE BODY IS AN OUTER MANIFESTATION OF THE MIND. As emotions are felt, the body reflects them in mood and behavior. Our voices quiver, we feel a lump in the throat, or become breathless. Sadness is a „tissue issue“. The body and mind are inseparable. We shuffle, bend forward to protect our hearts from further assault. Yoga acts directly on these postural habits of sadness. Poses that open the chest and throat are paramount in „unsticking“ these universal symptoms of bereavement. These poses flood the brain with serotonin and the „feel good“ hormones of the pituitary. Yoga breathing quiets the busy fronal cortex of the child’s brain, slows the breath rate,and infuses the student with a sense of peace and calm. We call this „Time in,“ a place of tranquil respite.
3. MEDITATIVE HEALING. Yoga is based on a philosophy of balance or harmony of body, mind and spirit. Yoga teaches kids that they can choose a thought that will effect behavior, such entertaining a grateful, happy or funny memory that will lead them to a positive mindset.
Affirmations of acceptance, forgiveness, loving self care and kindness give the child here and now tools to manage this very human condition of suffering his inevidible losses in life.