7 Soup Recipes Your Kids Will Love

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As soon as the temperature starts to go down and the leaves on the trees change I start thinking about soup. I can think of no other category of food that is as consistently satisfying, nourishing and comforting. Whether you are have a bowl of chicken soup when you are sick or you are serving an elegant parsnip bisque at a dinner party, soup makes everyone happy.

I make my own stock, but you can get some pretty good stock at the grocery store now. Just look for low sodium or no salt added stock. If you get the regular stock it is really loaded with salt.

For two years I wrote a weekly column on Planet Green called . If you want to delve a little further into some soup recipes there is quite a variety to choose from. This week, I stuck with soups that would appeal particularly to kids.

1. Broccoli Cheddar

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Neither of my kids were big broccoli fans, in fact my daughter at age 23 has just come around to it in the past week. Never give up! I could however, coax them into eating this broccoli soup with cheddar cheese in it. If you like, you could make this with cauliflower instead.

2. Vegetable, Bean and Pasta Soup

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This vegetable, bean and pasta soup is a very simple, straightforward soup. This is my soup of choice when I’m feeling a little under the weather. Comfort in a bowl.

3. Pumpkin Soup With Bacon and Blue Cheese

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Using canned puree pumpkin for this pumpkin soup with bacon and blue cheese makes it a pretty quick and easy thing to whip up. Depending share this site on your taste, you can add some chilies and make it a bit spicy, or add a bit of maple syrup and sweeten it a bit.

4. Baked Potato Soup

This baked potato soup is such a great dish. It requires a bit of time because you bake the potatoes first and then make the soup, but it’s worth it. Serve it with bowls of cheese or or chives, or sour cream or bacon, just as you would with a baked potato. Let the kids choose which toppings they would like.

5. Roasted Sweet Potato Soup with Maple and Thyme

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Sweet potatoes really lend themselves to a bit of maple syrup, enhancing their natural sweetness. I added a bit of cheddar cheese as a garnish to this roasted sweet potato soup with maple and thyme to add a bit of a salty contrast.

6. Butternut Squash With Apple

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My daughter is making this soup for our lunch as I write this. A couple of years ago you couldn’t go to a restaurant without finding butternut squash soup as the special of the day. There’s a good reason for that: it makes a great soup.

7. Glazed Carrot Soup

I don’t know many kids who don’t like carrots. This is a very easy carrot soup with some sweet undertones. If you like a spicy soup you could try this spiced carrot soup that I had in a restaurant and loved so much I had to try to recreate it.

7 Spring Inspired Recipes

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Spring has finally arrived in my city, and the vegetables have started to arrive at the farmers‘ market. Wild leeks are always the first, then fiddleheads and then the wonder that is asparagus. I haven’t had any asparagus yet, but I believe my farmers‘ market will have some for sale tomorrow. asparagus is almost done, but there are some recipes included today in case you can still get it where you live. And if not, you can be envious of me eating it, just as I was of you two weeks ago.

I know that fiddleheads might be a bit of a hard sell for a lot of kids, but maybe not. They are deeply interesting to look at, and maybe you could encourage your child to play with it a little bit and unfurl them. My daughter was always interested in odd looking vegetables when she was little. I remember when she was about 3 she saw a pile of artichokes in the grocery store. Her eyes widened and she said „I have to try that“. I was a blessed mother, I know.

1. When I first made this asparagus ravioli I didn’t have a pasta maker. Now I do, but for a midweek dinner I would probably still use won ton wrappers for the ravioli. It’s quick and easy and they taste quite good.

2. I’m a complete sucker for fiddleheads. Along with beets, they have to be the earthiest tasting vegetable going. They aren’t the easiest thing to find, although they have been growing in popularity over the years and I got some this week at a discount grocery store, rather than the farmers‘ market. They work really well in this fiddlehead quiche.

3. I am in wild leek heaven this week, using them in just about everything. A really simple way to use them is to make a pesto with them and put it over pasta, or grilled vegetables or chicken or you could stir some into scrambled eggs.

4. Here is a recipe for miso chicken, which also works beautifully with tofu if you have a vegetarian at the table. Miso also works really well grilled salmon, which is one of my daughter’s favourite meals.

5. I usually give you main course types of recipes, but honestly, these cheese biscuits were so good that I had to share this recipe. I dropped off some to my son at work and he said his boss hasn’t stopped raving about them.

6. I will freely admit that the spinach in this saag aloo recipe is a bit, dare I say, icky share this site looking and no doubt picky eaters will turn their noses up. However, if you have kids who are game to try anything, this is a fantastic dish. It was extremely delicious and my family loved it.