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Easy Potato Soup Recipe For Stovetop Or Crockpot

Easy Potato Soup Recipe for stovetop or crockpot

This is so easy to fix especially when I got most of the ingredients at he surplus store for almsot half price or more. I cook this in the crockpot overnight or cook it on the stovetop until potatoes are tender. I cook this on Saturdays for our Sunday after church dinner meal. With getting ready for church and getting home late it is much easier to turn crockpot on low while we are at church or turn the stove eye on low and let it warm until we get home.1 small can of mushrooms which I used my trusty chopper and chopped them very thin. I paid 59 cents for this can at the surplus store. I had to chop these so small with chopper because my crew doesn’t like mushrooms so I had to hide them. LOL

Seasonings onion and garlic salt and pepper flakes to taste.

Ground Beef, which I usually use bacon bits or sausage but had ground beef in the freezer for this check here one. Only add the ground beef after browning it.

Then I top it with shredded cheese and sour cream. We eat it with crackers and cornbread! Once again this is so easy to make ahead in crockpot or stove top.

Easy Recipes For Bruschetta

Easy Recipes for Bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of my favorite appetizers to serve for friends. It ticks all the boxes, It’s simple to prepare, can be made ahead of time, is inexpensive to make and looks pretty on the plate.

This page boombeachhackcheatz contains everything you need to prepare perfect bruschetta for your family or friends. 4 Simple recipes, tips about which breads to use, even how to say bruschetta correctly!

Most people use sour dough or ciabatta loaf some recipes suggest you can use a French stick but i much prefer to use a heavier bread. French sticks tend to get very soggy. Often by the time I get to the deli on a last minute dash for bread for bruschetta they smaller sized loaves have all gone. Rather than get a French stick I would get a larger sourdough loaf and cut it in half to an appropriate serving size. Ciabatta tastes fine to me but there are sometimes holes in the bread which can be inconvenient.

Learn how to make traditional Italian bread in this video tutorial with the world famous sorelle simili. In the last of their series for FDL the pair show you how to make traditional Italian bread the Italian way.

Easy Starter Recipes

Easy Starter Recipes

Starter recipes as they are called in the UK, or appetizer recipes as they are known in the US, are little snacks which are served before the main dish.

There are hot and cold starter recipes that everyone can prepare, no matter whether you happen to be a newbie in the kitchen or an experienced and seasoned chef.

So what are you planning to make as your New Year’s Eve starter recipes? A parma ham and melon starter, prawn cocktail, cheeseballs, canapes or something else? Keep reading if you are still looking for New Year’s Eve appetizer inspiration.

Hot and cold starters recipes should not be too large or too filling because there is at least one more course to come afterwards. You can make your starter recipes simple or elaborate, plain or colorful, hot or cold, and you can choose from a wide range of cuisines, ingredients and types of starters to make something which will whet everyone’s appetite for the main course without filling them up.

If you have avoided making appetizers or starter recipes for fear of wasting too much time on them then rest assured there is plenty you could make with just a few ingredients which can be done in 10 minutes. You can also keep your starters chilled until serving, freeing up your time to focus on making the main course. So there is no need to panic even if you have an ambitious menu. Just plan well in advance what you wish to make.

Cold Starters and Tasty Cold Starter Recipes

Even a total newbie in the kitchen can manage simple cold starter recipes like shrimp cocktail, ham with melon, or devilled eggs. But there are lots of other things you can make too, both hot and chilled, so investigate the world of easy starter recipes and make something mouthwatering for your next party, gettogether or family evening.

This book is more than 300 pages and it contains pretty much every appetizer and starter recipe you will ever need! It is a real lifesaver for any dinner party and you can look for specific dishes such as sushi, TexMex or Chinese, or simply flick through the book and see what takes your fancy.

I have looked at a number of reviews for this book and found nothing lower than a 4 out of 5 (although most reviews are 5 out of 5). There are lots of cookbooks out there but if you want a great one, this is certainly the winner.

This is because it is easier to make something in advance and keep it in the fridge than try to juggle a hot starter recipe and a hot main course at the same time. Focus on one thing at once rather than trying to do everything simultaneously.

Which simple cold starters recipe to choose depends on the occasion. If you are making starters for a sitdown dinner, you will want to make something quite impressivelooking. That doesn’t mean it has to be difficult!

What about a gourmet chilled soup recipe or traditional English starters like prawn cocktail? Starters for dinner parties are usually small because you don’t want to fill your dinner guests up too much before they get the main course!

A melon and parma ham starter recipe would be a good idea. For this, you just need a ripe melon in slices and some parma ham. Drape the parma ham over the melon slice and that is all there is to it! Of course you can jazz this recipe up by combining different types of melon or using a fruity sauce or adding some goat’s cheese. Use your imagination for the finishing touches and you can make something really special.

So what is a trio of starter recipes or a trio of starters? Actually this can be anything you want but keep the theme the same, so for example if your theme is tuna you might like to serve some tuna mayonnaise (canned tuna stirred with mayo and a little salt and black pepper) as well as a couple of pieces of tuna sashimi (raw sushigrade tuna cut thinly and icy cold) and finally some ahi tuna (a small tuna steak grilled or panfried until just the outside is charred and the middle is cold and red).

Is cheese your theme for a trio of starters? Then what about some grated cheese mixed with mayo and finely chopped anchovies, a cube of Blue cheese (Gorgonzola or Stilton perhaps) and a slice of Gruyere quiche or a mini cheese souffle? Come up with your own main ingredient and themes if you choose.

Are you an asparagus fan? If so this cold starter recipe should be ideal for you. Not only is it very tasty but it is also healthy, so you get the best of both worlds!

Whole wheat tortillas are stuffed with asparagus, avocado, red onion, cilantro (that’s coriander leaves if you’re in the UK or Ireland) and more, and the resulting wraps are cut in half and served like that so the contents are visible.

These are quite filling so limit each guests to 2 halves each unless the main course is a long way off! Another idea is to serve these for lunch. Cover and steam for 5 minutes or until tender. Remove it and rinse in cold water to stop it cooking. Drain well.

Mash the avocado in a bowl with the garlic and lime juice and set aside. Stir the yogurt with check here the rice in another bowl and set aside.

Heat a dry skillet (not a nonstick one) over a moderate heat and warm the tortillas in there one at a time until soft. This takes about 20 seconds per side. Lay them on a work surface.

Divide the avocado mixture between the tortillas, then top each with some rice mixture. Add the asparagus, onion and cilantro, then fold the tortillas in at the top, bottom and both sides.

Cover with plastic wrap and chill for up to an hour or serve right away. These are nice served at room temperature but chilled is also fine. Cut each one in half to serve.

Use a very sharp knife to cut the beef into VERY thin slices. You do need a sharp knife because a blunt one is going to give you ragged beef, which will spoil the look of your beef starter recipe.

Put your thin beef slices on a plate and cover them with plastic wrap or clingfilm. This stops them from going brown. Don’t worry about this step if you are serving the carpaccio immediately.

When you’re ready to serve your beef carpaccio, heap some rocket in the middle of the plate and drizzle the dressing around the outside.

Easy Prawn And Shrimp Recipes

Easy Prawn and Shrimp Recipes

Prawns are the perfect entertaining food. They look great and are surprisingly easy to prepare. High in protein and omega 3 fats if they are grilled, barbecued or stir fried they are a great healthy food choice.

The most important factor when using prawns is to choose the freshest ones you can and store them correctly to maintain that freshness. When you are buying them make sure you choose ones that have a fresh sea aroma. They should be firm and have no black around the head as this shows they are slightly older than they should be. They should feel moist but not soggy and have shells intact. Ideally ask your fishmonger if you can taste one before you buy them. I have never had anyone refuse when I ask.

So on to the recipes. I have included a mix of BBQ, oven cooked and fresh recipes below. All very easy to prepare and I am sure your family and friends will love them .

Gluten Free Banana Bread

A banana bread that is good for you? Yes it is possible. I love banana bread, the cafe type that is super moist and let’s face it full of calories and fat. .

Spanish Tapas Party 5 great recipes to try

I love cooking Spanish food and find it prefect for entertaining. Tapas works for some many occasions cause it is so versatile. If you have hard to feed frie.

Simple Summer Salad Recipes

Australians love a BBQ and along with meat and seafood treats an Aussie BBQ always features lots of salads. well they do at my house anyway! I have 34 share our website fa.

Easy Prawn Recipes

Prawns are the perfect entertaining food. They look great and are surprisingly easy to prepare. High in protein and omega 3 fats if they are grilled, barbecu.

Best Ever BBQ Marinade Recipes

A great marinade can take a lamb chop or piece of steak from ordinary to extraordinary. This collection of marinade recipes covers all occasions and food sty.

Easy Punch Recipes

I love making punch, I like that you don’t really need a recipe. You just add a bit of this and a bit of that and all of a sudden you have an amazingly refre.

Easy Slow Cooker Chili Recipe

Easy Slow Cooker Chili Recipe

Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ’n Forget 6Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Silver

Family Size 6 quart oval Programmable slow cooker with flat panel digital readout and stainless steel base for easy storage and cleanup, plus separate temperature probe for large cuts of meat. No more over cooked or under cooked beef or poultry as the probe reads the internal temperature as it cooks and automatically switches to keep warm once set temperature is reached . Operates in three different cook love this game website settings including manual cook mode. Easy to read LED digital control panel and timer for setting preferred cooking time. Other features include a clipon spoon and a cliptight gasket lid. This white chicken chili recipe is a great way to prepare chicken in a crock pot. It’s also super for tailgating or a potluck.

Following are the ingredients you will need to prepare this crock pot recipe. We are using a Rival crock pot, but any brand will do. To make a crock pot beef or pork crock pot recipe, just substitute those meats (cooked and shredded) for chicken in this recipe.

Chicken Chile Verde Crock Pot Recipes

2 (9.75 ounce) cans shredded chicken

1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen corn

2 (28 oz.) cans green enchilada sauce

1 (15 oz.) can Northern white beans

4 finely chopped garlic cloves

1 small onion, finely chopped

7 ounces Embasa brand salsa verde

7 ounces diced green chiles

1 handful fresh cilantro leaves, washed and chopped

Chef Tip: Soak cilantro in a bowl of water first to remove dirt and sediment.

Preheat a pan with 2 tablespoons oil. Next add and saute onion, cilantro and garlic about 2 minutes. Add chicken and mix well. Cook another minute.

Coat Crock Pot with cooking spray. Add the rest of the ingredients to the crock pot, including the chicken mixture. Stir well. Set on high and cook about four hours.

Easy Recipes For Quick Savoury Meals

Easy Recipes for Quick Savoury Meals

When you have a busy schedule it“s not always easy to find time to shop for, prepare and cook hot, healthy meals with fresh food I“ve certainly found that anyway

When you have a busy schedule it“s not always easy to find time to shop for, prepare and cook hot, healthy meals with fresh food. I“ve certainly found that anyway. Rather than go down the microwave ready meal route I“ve got a few favourite easy recipes that I make if I haven“t got much time and the ingredients are usually already there in my cupboards. Following you will find my 3 favourite quick and easy recipes:

My scary ex mother in law introduced me to this snack. It“s hard not to think about her when I prepare and eat it but it hits the spot and tastes so good that the memories fade into a delicious oblivion.

Tin of Spaghetti or Spaghetti Hoops ? whatever size or brand you prefer. I use Heinz.

Bread For Toasting ? I use wholemeal but any will suit

Cheese ? Cheddar is best and I use low fat

Spread ? Optional but I use low fat.

Lightly toast your bread and at the same time heat the spaghetti up, but don“t overheat. Grate enough cheese for your needs. Put a thin layer of spread on your toast and then cover with the warm spaghetti. Cover the spaghetti with grated cheese and then pop under the grill until the cheese is melted to your taste. Transfer to a warm plate and eat.

That“s a really quick, filling and easy recipe and you can either make it as a snack with one round of toast or a meal with 2 rounds of toast.

Jacket Potato With Tomatoes, Cheese Onion

After I got divorced I was broke and needed to add cheap but nutritious meals to the menu, and as I was working 2 jobs the meals had to be quick to prepare and energy giving. This was one of the cheapest meals that I made and it never got boring.

Large Baking Potato

Tin Of Plum Or Chopped Tomatoes

Small Very Finely Chopped Onion Or Dried Onions

Grated Or Crumbled Cheese ? whichever you prefer

Either bake the potato for 50 minutes or microwave for 7 minutes. Slit the cooked potato open and place the onions in the slit. Cover the onions with cheese and pour the tomatoes on top. Place in microwave and cook on full power for 34 minutes.

I“ve sometimes added cooked, sliced mushrooms instead of or with the onions, or used low fat cheese slices instead of grated cheese. I also use baked beans instead of tomatoes on occasion.

I experimented and added to a tip in a magazine for this quick meal.

Pack Of Bachelors Barbeque Beef Super Noodles

Tin Of Plum Or Chopped Tomatoes

2 Cooked Sliced Sausages

Dried share our website Onions

Break up and place the noodles in a pan with the included flavouring. Add a small amount of dried onions and add the tinned tomatoes instead of water. Stir and keep stirring while bringing to the boil. Simmer for 2 minutes and then add the cooked, sliced sausages. Simmer for another couple of minutes and your very quick meal is ready.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can experiment with different ingredients and still get a tasty meal. For instance sometimes I add pre cooked beef strips instead of sausages, or I use chicken flavoured noodles and pre cooked chicken strips and leave out the onions.

I suppose that it depends how you look at it, or how you prepare the meals whether you think they are healthy or not. The meals have varying amounts of carbohydrates, protein, calcium and iron and we need them all to live.

Are they fattening? Rigid dieters might say yes but I don“t think so as long as you don“t over eat and you swap ingredients for low fat alternatives.

Easy Peanut Recipes

Easy Peanut Recipes

To make peanut brittle, first grease a baking sheet or pan with cooking spray or butter and set the pan aside.Combine sugar, light corn syrup, and salt in a mediumsize heavy saucepan, and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture starts to boil. Use a brush dipped in warm water to wash down any crystals that may have formed on the sides of the pan.Boil, without stirring, for 5 minutes or until a candy thermometer reaches 310 degrees. (Note to editors: Do not show a temperature on the thermometer.)The mixture should be a golden color at this point. (Note to editors: do not include the part where we dip the metal spoon into the mixture.)Add dryroasted or shelled raw peanuts and cook 1 to 2 minutes, stirring until all of the peanuts are coated. (The mixture should now be golden brown.)Remove from the heat, and stir in softened butter, baking soda, and vanilla. Don’toverstir this mixture. Once you stir in the baking soda, it will foam up. Immediately pour it in a thin layer onto the greased baking sheet and spreading the mixture with a spatula or wooden spoon. You need to pour and spread it while it’s still foamy because that’s what gives the brittle its airy texture. Try to distribute the nuts as evenly as you can. .Let it stand about 5 minutes or until hardened.After it’s check here hardened and is completely cool, break the brittle into pieces.The peanut is said to have originated in South America. The only proof of this is that jars of peanuts have been found in the graves of ancient Incas. Spanish explorers spread the peanut throughout the world, mainly in Africa and Asia.

Easy Punch Recipes

Easy Punch Recipes

I love making punch, because you don’t really need a recipe. You just add a bit of this and a bit of that and all of a sudden you have an amazingly refreshing drink :)

Sure sometimes it works like that, but often boombeachhackcheatz you end up creating something too sweet or too confused. Sometimes it’s just safer to have a recipe.

I have listed below a few of my standby recipes for different occasions, some innocent fruit ones and some with an extra kick for special occasions. Either way nothing beats an icy cold glass of punch at a summer party.

Vodka and sherbet can be mixed together to create a delicious punch. Prepare a punch that’ll be the talk of the party or gathering with help from an executive sous chef in this free video.

Expert: Chris VoorheesBio: Chris Voorhees serves as Executive Sous Chef at Contemporary Catering in Pensacola, Florida.

Filmmaker: Max Cusimano

Series Description: If your punch is dull and uninteresting, spiking it with drinks such as wine, rum or whiskey can deliver the kick it needs. Create a punch to wow everyone with help from an executive sous chef in this free video.

Easy Pot Roast Recipe For Your Crock Pot

Easy Pot Roast Recipe for Your Crock Pot

Just what I thought, everybody. I am going to help you save time in the kitchen with this easy pot roast recipe for your Crock Pot so you can spend more time doing the other things that you need to do, or more time to do the things that you enjoy to do the most.

Efficient meal planning and quick and easy crock pot recipes are one of the ways that I have found to save more time on a daily basis. Let’s start with a Crock Pot Easy Pot Roast Recipe and make three meals in the amount of time it usually takes to prepare just one! Think of the time you will have available when you can prepare three meals all at one time by adding only a few extra minutes of preparation. Not only that your family is going to love the excellent meals you have made just for them.

They are also going to benefit from the extra time you can now spend with them on a daily basis, this is what I call the biggest benefit, extra time to enjoy with your family and friends.

To make the the best use of my time in the Kitchen I prefer to make multiple meals at one time. The easiest way I have found to do this is to do all of the prep work at one time.

This quick and easy pot roast recipe is one of my favorites for the crock pot.

While preparing dinner on any given night I will prepare extra vegetables for one of my favorite Crock Pot recipes and then place the Crock in the fridge so it is ready to go for the next day. This will enable you to have all of the work done for tonight’s dinner, tomorrow night’s dinner and lunch the following day. Think of the time that will save you.

Place chuck in crock pot and add beef stock and wine (or water). Spread sliced carrots, quartered onions and cubed potatoes over top of the roast and add preferred seasoning and rosemary if desired. Cover the crock and set to low. Refer to crock pot directions for cooking times as not all pots are the same.

Note: You can season the roast and brown all sides in a preheated pan prior to placing it in the crock pot if you have the time. I find it helps hold the flavor of the seasoning a little more.

I just tried something recently and thought it would be nice to share as it worked out great.

My preference for cooking in the summer (or any warm day for that matter) leans heavily towards the barbeque, it is quick, efficient and requires very little clean up time, which is a real bonus if you ask me. Barbeques do have limitations as we all know and I often try new things with little success.

This time it was different. Home alone one day looking for something for lunch I thought about heating up some leftovers and then decided to take a thick slice of roast and warm it up on the barbeque, I added a little barbeque sauce and melted some cheddar cheese to finish it off on the grill. I then proceeded grabbed a hamburger bun and added garnishes just like it was a burger. This is probably not a groundbreaking idea but it was quite good and is now on my list of quick meals.

This is a personal favorite of mine, takes a little longer than the Pot Roast recipe but the payback is well worth it. If you like pork at all you are going to love this pulled pork recipe :). This is a great one to add to your Sunday favorites, not only is it excellent for a Sunday night family meal but it starts the week out great for Monday’s lunch.

Yes, I still work the 6 and sometimes 7 day work week so something good for lunch on Monday gives me a little something to look forward to as the weekly grind starts. A little time to relax and enjoy a great lunch always breaks up the first day back, sounds kind of crazy to look forward to lunch but hey its Monday after all.

Sprinkle beef with salt and pepper. In large skillet, heat half of the oil over mediumhigh heat; brown beef all over, adding more oil if necessary. Transfer to slow cooker.

Discard any fat from pan; add remaining oil. Cook onion, carrots, celery, garlic, marjoram and oregano over medium heat until softened, about 5 minutes. Add mushrooms; cook until tender, about 5 minutes. Scrape into slow cooker.

Stir in stock, scraping up brown bits; boil for 1 minute and pour into slow check here cooker. Add tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce; cover and cook on low for 5 to 7 hours or until beef is tender.

Transfer meat to cutting board; tent with foil and let stand for 15 minutes before thinly slicing across the grain.

Meanwhile, whisk flour with 1/4 cup (50 mL) water; whisk into slow cooker. (Optional: add the red wine at this point). Cover and cook on high for about 15 minutes or until thickened. Serve with beef.

I don’t know about you but there is nothing quite like grilling!! I live in Canada but still manage to get the barbecue fired up during the winter. as long as it is not too windy. You definitely pay more attention to your cooking, I don’t stray too far from the heat once the snow’s on the ground.

My wife always asks me why everything I cook on the grill seems to be better in the winter. I haven’t let on that my secret is paying attention. I just tell her because it makes it feel like summer :)