Is The Water Buffalo Actually Sick?

You have scrimped and saved all year long. You have put in overtime hours share here so that you will have extra money for your holiday. Don’t flush it all down the toilet falling for some sad sob story from an 18 year old farm girl.

I have never understood how uneducated or little educated lasses from Northeastern Thailand can pull the wool over seemingly intelligent men from America, Europe, Australia and the rest of the 1st world countries.

The girls may also claim that their mother is sick, their brother is in jail, their grandfather died, or their sister needs money for school. Lies, lies, lies. Don’t fall for the scam. They can be so convincing and sound so sweet and innocent that we feel we have to help them. After all, we have discretionary money and they are so, so poor. They play on your heartstrings and know that it works. It may not work on every one of their contacts but they will find someone stupid who will send them money.

Most likely they won’t pull this until after you have left and gone home to your country. They will call you or send you an email and initially test the waters. If they find you lonely and missing your girl in Thailand, they will strike and try to get all they can. Usually they start out small and increase the amounts as they go on. This is similar to what legitimate charities do.

They will profess their love, promise to meet you and take care of you when you return, as long as you help them out with their problem.

You can try to more details fool yourself and say that this one is different. You can convince yourself that she is sincere and that this really is an emergency and you will ride your white horse and come to her rescue. She will laugh all the way to the bank.

Keep in mind that not only will she be playing you; she will have other sponsors that she is taking for all she can get too. Some of the girls will juggle 5 or 6 relationships, receive monthly stipends, and coordinate visits that don’t overlap. And do all this without a blackberry.

They are very convincing and know what buttons on the farang (foreigner) to push. visit more information They share information at the bars, massage parlors, and beauty shops. They know how to copy and paste sad sob stories to email to you. They have someone to translate for them and help them write those money soliciting emails.

Don’t surrender to these little girls. They may seem sweet and innocent but they can be ruthless and conniving. It is kind of like the car salesman. He has the advantage since he sells cars every day and you only buy a car once every five years. The girls have the advantage over wide-eyed, drunk, „handsome me“ in Thailand.

As cynical as this sounds, there are some good ladies in Thailand – you just have to hunt for them and look in click this website places besides bars and massage parlors.

Be safe and smart. Use your big head to think and don’t fall for the sick buffalo story.

Is There A Boy Lalaloopsy Doll Or Are They All Girl Dolls?

Initially ten Lalaloopsy dolls (eight individuals plus a set of twins) were launched by MGA Entertainment. All of which were girl dolls; all of them had different features and wore different clothes in accordance with the personality they depicted. Even their names were based on their personalities. The outfits of the Lalaloopsy dolls were supposed to be made from cast offs and an interesting tale that the last stitch brought them to life and also gave them the character traits of the owner who wore those clothes generated a lot of interest among kids. Another aspect which made them popular was that they had their birthdays on some international event and they came with a cute little pet. The owner also got a collectible poster and a promise certificate plus the responsibility of keeping the magic of the doll&25263; world alive. The first batch of Lalaloopsy more details dolls included the artist Spot Splatter Splash, the well dressed Jewel Sparkles, the sleepy head Pillow Featherbed, the prankster Peanut Big Top, the clever scientist Dot Starlight, the studious Bea Spells a-Lot, the aspiring chef Crumb Sugar Cookie and Mittens Fluff &24962;?Stuff. The twins Sunny Side Up and Berry Jars &24962;?Jam were the hardworking farm girls.

Though made for girls, the unique personalities of the Lalaloopsy dolls made boys sit up and notice them. That&25263; why when the manufacturer expanded their line of Lalaloopsy dolls; they added a named boy doll Patch TreasureChest the first Lalaloopsy boy doll. He is depicted as a fun loving pirate who loves to collect shiny objects. Traveling and adventures are his life but he is terrible at reading maps and this is why he often finds himself in exciting situations. This boy Lalaloopsy doll is dressed in a red and black striped T-shirt which has the pirate&25263; symbol visit more information of skull and bones printed on it. His brown trousers have unusually large pockets in which he carries his &25618;hiny treasures?he finds on his journeys. The black patch on his left eye has made him even more adorable.

The jolly and adventure loving nature of Patch Treasure Chest has attracted the fun loving little boys as they can easily bond with him. Even little girls are smitten by his charms. Although many dolls targeting both boys and girls have been released, none of them have received such a tremendous response from the kids as the Lalaloopsy dolls. Every child lives in a fantasy land and in a Lalaloopsy doll, he/she finds a perfect companion to share his fantasies.


The Lalaloopsy dolls were primarily meant for girls but they are also appreciated and admired by boys as well. This prompted the manufacturer MGA Entertainment to launch a boy Pirate named doll Patch Treasure Chest in its new release along with other girl dolls. Patch Treasure Chest proved to be an instant hit as he was welcomed by both boys and girls. The range of Lalaloopsy Dolls can be considered &25613;erfect?as it has dolls for both boys and girls.

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Is Sexuality Influenced by the Reincarnation-Life Cycle Process?

Sexuality. The word in its self can conjure up social warfare quicker than say the endless debates between two enthusiastic fans of the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox at a bar and enjoying a friendly beer. After religion and politics, sexuality is one subject matter a questioner can receive 107 different opinions from 100 people. Why is sexuality such a hot button topic and why open this can of worms? Simply, because finding answers in the physical world of science and psychology to such a complex issues such as homosexuality, transgender-ism and other sexual related issues have been difficult at best to find. So far the medical community along with religious and special interest groups representing numerous groups on every side of the issue really don’t have a clue either.
We find in the study of the human sexual condition mankind tends to change with the wind. What was acceptable yesterday has become passe today and as to the future, we can only offer conjecture as people are as different as their fingerprints. We can introduce historical studies and our understanding concerning what was normal and acceptable eons ago. Immediately what comes to mind is the picture of a caveman, club in one hand and over his shoulder his captured prey, the object of his desire a woman. Today, the same picture may be a cave woman, club in hand carrying another woman. Just the thought of what was practiced and condoned back in time and how things have changed can make you laugh or cry or just sit and wonder how we made it this far in evolution.
Sexuality has been targeted and molded since the early days of modern man by religions, governments and society. On one side of the spectrum, religion has dictated sexual practice to be between one man and one woman and for the purpose of spreading man’s seed across the earth and has been so far successful. Government on the other hand such as the U.S.S.R. took the state view of limited to no public expression of enjoyment and made the act a behind the doors secret. The communist state created a society of stoic people with very narrow sexual permissions. The commonality here appeared to be both the state and religion harbored a desire to grow the population with defined limitations but for different purposes. Religion’s has been a mission to populate the earth and spread a particular religion. Government on the other hand set goals for the purpose of increasing their tax base. These are not theories but government doctrine written by bureaucrats right here in the United States in order to increase spending and a promote a method to pay for it. Also common between the two, was a disdain for those who did not fit the normal. There were special places such as jails, mental institutions for those who did not adhere to the current state or religious morals. Worst yet, people targeted and demanded these people disdained by their religions and governments be separated from society without regard to their final outcome.
If you are open minded and have had the opportunity to research religions around the world you might have noticed a commonality for many and a lack of it. A real oxymoron. The commonality is the subject of reincarnation, its existence and relationship to the spirituality of man. There is a basic thought process among those researching reincarnation that man has experienced many life cycles on this earth. Considering an average life span of 40 years this would mean most of us, both men and women have experienced anywhere between 75 to 100 individual life cycles. Image the information, experiences, the loves and losses we have experienced during each of these life cycles. With that said, western religions have Check our website tended not to not support the reincarnation concept due to religious dogma while most eastern based religions do. Even prior to the formation of organized religion in the west, reincarnation was strongly supported by and accepted. Recognizing reincarnation provides a method or process for multiple life experiences resulting in personal spiritual growth and a deeper knowledge of one’s existence. Furthermore reincarnation can provide for a much better understanding of the Supreme Being and the actual relationship of spiritual existence and attainment of total enlightenment. Western religious doctrine has determined the concept of man returning to earth multiple times to be abhorrent and against theological ideals. The idea a man can create sin yet be granted future life cycles for atonement unacceptable. They fail to recognize the great potential for spiritual growth and knowledge attained over many lifetimes rather than just one. The thought process appears to be control rather than individual self-determination and self spiritual growth. The more experienced reader here might say, and rightfully so this appears to parallel the beliefs of Scientology as that religion does believe in reincarnation I do not align this theory to any eastern or western religion but never the less existing and for purpose.
I would like to address the relationship between reincarnation and sexuality and how it may provide an insight to the sexual condition referred to as homosexuality. Few if any reincarnation theorists have addressed the visit more information issue of reincarnation and its possible relationship to man’s sexuality and sexual tendencies. Believers in reincarnation can make the claim of young people speaking in foreign tongues, or recognize people or know facts concerning science, mathematics or physics they have not been exposed to as being evidence of prior existence. People under a deep state of meditation orhypnosis claim past lives in quite the detail. Some even recalling ancient languages and cultures long dead. Those born with unique abilities tend to lose these fragments of a prior existence as the world noise consumes and fills their conscience and sub-conscience. By the earliest of ages all is long forgotten and buried so deep it becomes unrecognizable. The point here if one can recall experiences and events from prior life cycles, why not also be influenced by past life sexuality and sexual identification?
For example, take a man or a woman experiencing a particular sexuality in one or multiple subsequent life cycles and then returning gender opposite? I believe this condition exists and provides for a residual side effect causing gender issues such as homosexuality, lesbianism and a litany of other sexuality terms. Besides life and death, sexually is one of man’s greatest drive mechanisms. I believe people have little responsibility for these gender issues which follow throughout their lives. Here I try to propose a theory and not be judgmental. Some would say God would not allow such errors in the life cycle process. I contend man in the physical and spiritual existence is a self-determination being and reasons do exist for everything and anything happening. Some might claim it is a rounding out or balancing out process as each sex offers two different spectrum.
There was a time, not in the so distance past, scientists, religious leaders and medical professionals expressed a belief people experiencing gender issues had psychological problems. It was said people made a conscience decision as to their own their sexuality and had the responsibility to accept personal blame for such feelings and actions. They were „sick“ people scorned by the religious culture, the general public and misunderstood within the medical community. As most in the medical know but will not admit, they have failed in „curing“ gender issues and if anything have made the subject even matter more confusing for all involved. Today, we are being advised gender identification is a „born“ into sexuality issue people experiencing and a issue they have no control over. And I agree.
With the current issues the world is experiencing it could be said the human race coming quickly to the end. Can we suppose for a moment we have run our course and check here many of the mental and physical problems being experienced are just an accumulation of all we have experienced in our accumulated life cycles? That our cup is running over and providing mixed signals to our conscience and sub-conscience minds? These are questions requiring additional research and open minded thinking. Please remember most of man’s future understandings and accomplishments originated from theories proposed and at the time deemed preposterous.
W. Richard Hoffman

Is the Law of Attraction Real or Just an Elaborate Placebo Effect?

At first glance the law of attraction might sound like some sort of simple “positive thinking” scheme. But a deeper look into this mysterious law shows it has some physical substance to it, and its not as “airy-fairy” as people might make it out to be. Further yet, there are some interesting success stories revolving around it. But if you are like me, you might have lost hope in the law of attraction before it had time to take affect. I have to admit that I am starting to believe in it more and more after some simple research which I present here.
The Law of attraction states: Like attracts like, and we attract those things in our life that we focus on with intent and energy. For example you could attract a positive financial situation in your life if you do positive things with the finances you already have. An example might be if you gave to charities and became even more prosperous as a result. Or on the other hand, if you are a „Scrooge,“ you might experience a bad financial situation as a result. Further law of attraction theorists go onto say that our intentions have to be aligned with our actions in order for it to work. The law of attraction concept became mainstream with the 2006 best selling book „The Secret,“ which also was sold as a movie.
So what is really going on with the Law of Attraction and how do you explain it in physical terms?
I suspect the law of attraction operates on many levels, but one that can easily be explained is the placebo effect. describes the placebo effect as: A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution — can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful. Expectation plays a potent role in the placebo effect. The more a person believes they are going to benefit from a treatment, the more likely it is that they will experience a benefit.
In other words, the sheer power of mental intent causes a physical reaction in your body to mimic the outcome of what you believe will happen. You are essentially telling your body Check our website to respond in the way you believe it should respond. But the law of attraction appears to operate beyond just our physical bodies. I believe there is something else going on which I call subconscious cues.
A subconscious cue is basically programming our reality to react from our subtle subconscious behaviors and intents. To give an example of this, you can be having a conversation with someone and the body language you project is telling them your true feelings – despite what’s coming out of your mouth. Your subconscious is projecting your intent without your conscious realization. You might be leaving this subconscious programming with everything you see and touch.
The bigger picture:
The law of attraction appears to work on an even bigger scale if you take a closer look beyond mere positive thinking. Some would say it operates on a huge metaphysical level, and I’ve found some experiments visit more information to back up these claims. One particular experiment was done in the summer of 1993 in Washington DC based on the Maharishi Effect – claiming that, “Measurable effects can be seen on an entire society when a small number of people in the society practice various forms of Transcendental Meditation.” In this experiment nearly 4,000 people gathered in Washington D.C. to meditate on reducing crime. During an 8-week period, violent crime decreased by 20%. Scientists put this at a 2 in 1 billion chance that this reduction could have occurred by chance. This experiment shows that intent might have made a real physical outcome. It’s absolutely fascinating if you ask visit more information me.
The power of intent seems to be pretty powerful even on a smaller level as well. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto demonstrated this with something as simple as water. In his experiments Emoto would play music, say prayers, or just direct thoughts of loving intent towards water before he would freeze it. The water would form beautiful ice crystals as a result. On the contrary, if he projected hateful or angry intent towards the water before freezing it, he would find chaotic and disorganized crystallization.
Some people swear on their lives that the law of attraction is something real. Yet others can’t wrap their minds around a concept so magical. But the one thing I’ve found to be true is a lyric from the Rolling Stones:
“You can’t always get what you want.
But if you try sometimes, well you just might find,
You get what you need.”
That seems to be the reality of it all. We may have the intent to try really hard to make something manifest in our click this website lives. But in the end – the universe, god, random events, whatever you want to call it – gives us what we need. And we may not realize it in the moment, but hindsight shows how experience can make you a better person.

Is Your Brand A Maven Or A Wallflower ?

It’s official: engagement through social media has created the biggest brands in the world
A fascinating report by Charlene Li, a partner in the Altimeter Group, and Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint, examines the top 100 most engaged global brands as rated by BusinessWeek and Interbrand. It explains how brands fall into one of four engagement profiles depending on the number of social media (SM) channels they have and their depth of engagement in them.
The four profiles are:
•Mavens – brands with seven or more SM channels with high levels of engagement across each. These brands have dedicated SM teams and ‘could not imagine operating without a strong presence in social media’. Examples include Starbucks and Dell.
•Butterflies – brands with seven or more SM channels but lower more details levels of engagement across each. These brands ‘still struggle with getting the full buy-in from their organizations to embrace the full multi-way conversation that deep engagement entails’. Examples include American Express and Hyundai.
•Selectives – brands with six or less SM channels with high levels of engagement across each. Often hamstrung by the lack of a dedicated SM team, they ‘focus on engaging customers deeply when and where it visit more information matters most’. Examples include retail group H&M and Philips.
•Wallflowers – brands with six or less SM channels but lower levels of engagement across each. They are ‘cautious about the risks [of SM engagement], uncertain about the benefits, and therefore engage visit more information only lightly in the channels where they are present’. Examples include McDonald’s and BP.
Li and Elowitz apply their findings to the BusinessWeek/Interbrand 2008 list of the top 100 worldwide brands – and the results speak for themselves. The top 13 places are all filled by Mavens. The first Butterfly (Oracle) appears visit more information at number 14, the first Selective (H&M) at number 23 and the first Wallflower (Coca-Cola – surprisingly, perhaps) at a lowly number 51.
For the record, the top 10 are:
1. Starbucks
2. Dell
3. eBay
4. Google
5. Microsoft
6. Thomson Reuters
7. Nike
8. Amazon
9. SAP
10. Intel and Yahoo (joint result)
The most successful brands, by a proverbial country mile, are those that actively engage with their customers through a number of different social media channels. This doesn’t mean employing a vast SM team (Starbucks has just six people overseeing 11 SM channels), but it does prove that simply setting up a Facebook fan page and asking your customers to ‘like’ it isn’t enough.
Engagement is the cornerstone of relationship marketing and this report should provide food for thought for anyone who continues to doubt the engagement-creating opportunities offered by SM marketing.

Is She Gone for Good? How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Come Back

You and your girlfriend have gone through a difficult transition in your relationship. You’re not together anymore. She’s stopped virtually all contact with you and when you two do communicate she never mentions the idea of getting back together. It’s painful and that’s incredibly understandable. Maybe you’ve share here never gotten over her or perhaps you can’t imagine ever loving another woman the same as you did your girlfriend. If that’s the case, you’re no doubt wondering about what the future holds for you. Depending on your ex girlfriend’s behavior you may be asking yourself, “is she gone for good?” Instead of searching for an answer to that question, you need to start focusing on what you can do to ensure the answer isn’t, “yes.”
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
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Most relationships can be repaired regardless of what tore the couple apart. It’s a bold statement and maybe one that you don’t have much faith in, but interpersonal relationships are a strange and ever changing beast. We can be incredibly angry with someone one day and swear up and down that we’ll never have anything to do with them again. Once a bit of time has passed, the feelings have cooled and that person’s redeeming and endearing qualities pop to the forefront of our mind again. This happens a lot after a break up. It’s the reason you’ll often hear of couples getting back together after a few months apart.
How to Make Yourself a Part of Your Ex Girlfriend’s Life
You must position yourself now to get your ex girlfriend to come back. That means you have to be on your absolute best behavior. In other words, you can’t harass her with phone call after phone call asking her to give you another chance. You also can’t trick her into feeling sorry for you so she’ll want to take you back. You have to show your ex girlfriend that you’re mature enough to handle the end of the relationship and wise enough to see the benefit in a friendship with her.
What if she already left you? Here’s how to get her back.
I’m not suggesting that you become your ex girlfriend’s best platonic friend. That’s not a role you should be playing and it wouldn’t be natural or comfortable for you to do it. You should, however, be available for her if she needs a shoulder to lean on or just someone to have a coffee with. You must keep the boundaries very visible though. No talking about what transpired between you two in the past and no discussion about getting back together. If your ex girlfriend is the one who initiates that type of dialogue, that’s a different story. It’s not up to you to be the one to open that door back up again.
By staying a part of your ex girlfriend’s life you are accomplishing a couple of very important things. First, and foremost, you are there if she needs you. You’ll become a confidante to her over time and someone she’ll see as a positive influence in her life. Women enjoy staying friends with their ex boyfriends because there’s an emotional intimacy there that is hard to find in other friends.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
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Another reason why you’ll benefit by staying in your ex girlfriend’s life, even in a very limited role, is that you’ll be building a new connection for the future. Many couples who built their romantic relationships on solid friendships go on to have the most rewarding, honest and satisfying connections. By showing your ex girlfriend that you’re willing to stay close to her even if you’re not her boyfriend, you’re sending a message that states that you are emotional mature, self confident and able to accept whatever life throws at you.
Pay Close Attention Here-
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After you’ve separated from your girlfriend, the relationship can be hard to rebuild. A separation doesn’t always have to Check our website be a bad thing as it can help you get some time away from each other and help you gain perspective on exactly what you want from the relationship. However, if you approach a separation the wrong way, it can end up pushing your girlfriend away for good.
The key to getting through a separation and repairing your relationship is to figure out what went wrong and what can be done to fix any problems that exist.
The mistake most men make when trying to get a girlfriend back after they’ve separated is focusing on short-term solutions. In other words, a man will do what it takes to get his girlfriend back, but then he fails to do the necessary upkeep to maintain the relationship, and the same problems keep coming back.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
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To put it into perspective, you might think of it like going on a diet. You want to lose weight so you go on a diet and lose 10lbs almost immediately. However, if you stop dieting and go back to your old eating habits, then the weight will quickly come back.
If you want to keep the weight off, you have to develop new, healthier habits. Relationships are no different. They need constant maintenance to keep them from ending up in a permanent breakup or divorce.
In order to get your girlfriend back, you need to search for the underlying reasons of the separation. For example, you might think the reason you separated was because you had a big argument. However, the argument itself may not be the underlying issue. more information Instead, it’s just a symptom of a deeper problem.
What if she already left you? Here’s how to get her back.
For example, the main problem might be a lack of communication or failing to validate your girlfriend’s feelings. You need to fix the actual problem and not just the symptoms of the problem if you want your relationship to last.
Never try to repair your relationship when your emotions are running rampant. Emotions will often mislead you and cause you to do things that will push your girlfriend further away. Instead, take some time away so you can think rationally about the situation.
If you want a relationship to last, it needs to be a lifetime project. It requires work by both partners. If you want to get what you want out of the relationship, then you also need to be willing to give a little to make sure your girlfriend gets what she wants and needs.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
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If you don’t know where to start or need a more detailed plan to get your girlfriend back, there are many systems and advice available on the internet that can help you.
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Most guys will make the mistake of being a little too „open“ with how they feel with their ex girlfriend. They think that the more open that they are, the more likely she is to just suddenly push away those negative feelings and she will come back to them. Well, any guy that has tried that method can pretty much tell you, it’s not exactly a golden ticket to getting back with your ex girlfriend.
In fact, most of the time, they will end up losing ground with their ex girlfriend. Why? Because they start to appear more and more needy the more they try to „share“ their feelings. You have to be able to come off as being more aloof than what your average guy is going to be like in this situation, or else, getting back your ex girlfriend will end up being one of the hardest things that you ever try to do.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
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Why does it work to be aloof with your ex girlfriend?
For starters, the more you share with her, the more vulnerable you are going to appear. It might sound a little cliche and maybe even misogynistic, but guys are not exactly supposed to be the vulnerable ones in the relationship. It doesn’t matter what those romantic comedies end up showing, your ex girlfriend is NOT going to be turned on by thinking that you are „vulnerable and needy.“
What does work to get your ex girlfriend back?
She needs to see you as being an attractive MAN. Notice the emphasis on man, there. I’ve talked with women that have dealt with an ex boyfriend trying to win them back and it did not work, and the overwhelming common theme was that the ex boyfriend started to come across a little too needy and emotional. All of a sudden, any attraction that the woman felt for him was pretty much GONE.
What if she already left you? Here’s how to get her back.
If YOU want to be a success at getting back your ex, then you NEED to build her attraction. Chances are, she already feels some attraction still there. That is a good thing. Now, you need to move the pendulum and the momentum in the RIGHT direction.
With the RIGHT system, you can build and „re-attract“ your ex-girlfriend back to you.
Most guys don’t use any kind of a system at all. They end up just trying a little of this and a little of that. And they end up losing out, and losing their ex girlfriend. Don’t let that happen to you.
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Is The Cost Of A Will Putting You Off?

Most people understand the benefits of having a will, yet statically many people don&25264; have one. Dying intestate (without a will) can cause stress, family feuds and hardship to any or all of your remaining family members. If cost is one factor that has led to you visit our site putting off writing a will, don&25264; worry, it&25263; a lot simpler and cheaper than you think.

Why Are Wills So Expensive?

Some consumers appoint professional executors without being told of alternatives. The law doesn&25264; require this, but banks and law firms often convince people that the lawyer should take on this role. The actual writing of a will isn&25264; expensive but people with an average estate can pay thousands of dollars to have it professionally administered. Many people might know a family member or friend who can help them write a will. You need to make an informed choice, so it pays to shop around.

Can I Hand-Write A Will?

Yes, as long as you are over 18 and of sound mind you can hand-write your own will. Providing that you date and sign it then have it notarized by a lawyer, it will hold up in court. You can even buy will-writing templates from stationary stores or online to help you on your way. Online services or what are sometimes called &24934;ill Kits?let you stipulate what you want to leave to who, how much you want to give to charity or what you don&25264;. To ensure the will Check our website is valid in court you need to get it signed by two independent witnesses.

Why Do I Need A Third-Party Will?

Quite often people who don&25264; really need a third-party will are sold one by law firms or banks. The reasons that lawyers might try to convince you that only their service will hold up in court is that sometimes people aren&25264; careful when writing their own wills. For a start, the witnesses can&25264; be people who stand to benefit from the will, or be married to someone who will. A DIY will needs an executor who will deal with dividing up your possessions when you visit more information die. This can, and often is, someone who will benefit from the will so people choose someone they know ?but what if the executor dies beforehand? It&25263; wise to have more than one executor. Finally, you should be ultra-precise about your beneficiaries and what they&25251;l receive. These three areas are the most common ways that professionally prepared wills won&25264; let you down on.

What Benefits Will A Lawyer Give Me?

The main benefit of getting a professionally written will be the advice regarding the best ways to leave as much of your property and money to your family as possible. Some law firms give a flat-rate fee for will-writing services and free home visits for elderly people who need wills.

Keep Your Will Up To Date

The final piece of advice is to always review and update your will whenever you make a major change such as buying a new home or getting married. A marriage invalidates your existing will unless you already made provisions for this. A divorce however, doesn&25264; invalidate a will so it&25263; important to get your will reviewed. Unmarried couples are often surprised to learn that a will is required to ensure that the surviving member receives any benefits at all.

Is Your Reality Tunnel Being Hacked?

Many of us know, or at least believe, that we are powerful creators of our own reality and destiny.
Some of us go with the flow, weaving this divine knowledge intuitively into our daily existence, while others prefer to focus on it consciously, in an attempt to shape their lives more proactively.
Whatever your approach is, have you ever considered that while you are busy creating your own reality, you may also be busy creating someone else’s version of it? Have you ever considered that many of us may be shaping a future planned for us, by others?
There has been much debate and speculation in recent years about what ‘reality’ truly is. Many people, who are spiritually aware, need no convincing of these facts, but the jury is still out among the scientific community.
There are, however, scientists, academics and theorists who agree that reality is merely an illusion, a hologram of consciousness created by our collective projection of it. From this perspective, life and the world as we know it, is merely a 3-D movie, which all of us collectively produce, direct and star in, on a daily basis.
These modern theories about reality, and conscious creation, are partly based on concepts arising from science, such as the ‘measurement problem’ found in quantum physics. The measurement dilemma refers to an unusual phenomenon that has baffled experts. It was found that before matter manifests, it exists in many possible ways or places.
Matter does not exist in a specific state, or appear in a specific place, until it has been focused upon by measuring it. Only when a particle’s behavior has been measured by a scientist focusing on it, can its actual state or future manifestation be predicted.
This confirms the belief that our thoughts, words and feelings create our reality. It also gave rise to concepts like the reality tunnel, popularized by Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.
The reality tunnel theory states that we each create and perceive reality in our own unique and subjective way, based on our belief system, social conditioning, cultural background and personal experiences. The world you live in is your individual interpretation of reality, via your senses, shaped by your personal beliefs and experience ‘filters’.
Experts will also tell you that according to quantum physics theory, objects do not exist at all. Nothing is real. What we perceive as other people, animals and things are merely vibrations or frequencies of energy.
The only thing that does exist is consciousness. Consciousness holds it all together. Consciousness is what shapes and drives our Universe. Some call this ‘the matrix’ to which we are all connected; others describe it as our collective consciousness, Spirit, Source or God.
Some theorists describe the Universe as originating from the size of a pea, which has expanded over millions of years, and continues to expand indefinitely. However, deep down we are all still a small part of that original little orb.
Now if we are all connected in this way, and we visit more information are all creating our world together, the following question comes to mind: is it in our best interest for each of us to do this ‘co-creating’ from inside our own reality tunnel, or not?
In other words, what happens if many of us line up our beliefs and thoughts and feelings, and we begin to coordinate our ‘tunnel vision’?
Imagine the awesome possibilities, if we could all coordinate our reality tunnels for the greater good, if we would all strive together for peace, love and harmony? From this perspective, John Lennon’s vision of a future world, without prejudice, hatred and suffering, does seem very plausible. There will be so much Light at the end of that tunnel!
But, click here what if your reality tunnel is being ‘hacked’? Be honest, is your reality tunnel a pure version of your strongest spiritual connection, your deepest intuitive insight, your truly personal conviction? Or is your version of reality being shaped by politics, the media or possibly by conspiracy theories and mass hysteria?
If an increasing number of us globally are daily viewing the same apocalyptic television footage, or the same doomsday movies, and if we are all reading the same gloomy newspaper reports, how unique or pure is each of our reality tunnels really?
Next time you stroll out of a cinema, after having watched the latest blockbuster, consider what each member of the audience will be doing with the ideas, images and impressions they picked up from watching that film.
And then ask yourself if you will be joining your fellow audience members in adding the same grey shades of fear, prejudice, violence, cynicism or misguided click this website propaganda to the interior of your reality tunnel?
© 2010 Anthon St Maarten
„As a spiritually maturing species, we are slowly becoming aware that what the mass consciousness believes, the universe will manifest“ ~ DLee

Is The Kashmiri Shawl On The Verge Of Extinction?

Up until recently cashmere was seen to be the ultimate in luxury clothing; unrivalled in its smooth texture and costing a small fortune, it was something few could afford. The fabric was even more exclusive in the 17th & 18th Centuries when pure pashmina shawls were first exported from Kashmir to Russia, Europe and the US for royalty such as Empress Eugenie and Napoleon Bonaparte&25263; wife Josephine.

More recently, we have seen cashmere reserved for top designers and exclusive stores. But no longer. The opening up of China&25263; vast Inner Mongolian province and China impressive production facilities to large retailers such as Tesco and Wal-Mart have increased availability, lowed visit more information price and, sadly, reduced the quality. But what will this ultimately mean for the jewel in the cashmere crown, the Kashmiri Ring Shawl?

What is a Ring Shawl?

Centuries old and immune to modernisation, a Ring Shawl must be hand spun and hand woven because the fibre is so fine that machine weaving would break it. Not all cashmere is manufactured in this way but the fabric used for a Ring Shawl is taken exclusively from the soft downy luxurious inner fleece of the goats that live in the most remote pockets of the Himalayan region of China, Tibet, Ladakh and Kashmir. The more details inner fleece typically sheds only 250gm to 275gm per year. The fabric in this instance is known as pashmina, rather than cashmere, coming from the word pashm which means king of cloths or wool.

The extraction process of pashmina can only in part explain the rarity and price of a Ring Shawl. In my opinion, it is the manufacturing process that makes &24964;ossessing one of these jewel-like collectibles like owning a tiny stake in the heritage of the multi-layered cultural identity?of Kashmir. From the designer and printer down to the spinner and weaver, the skills they use have been in operation since the 12th Century and each genuine Ring Shawl that is produced bears the embroidered signature of the family visit more information responsible for its creation.

And finally, to how the Ring Shawl got its name. So called because the garment is so fine that even a large shawl measuring 200cm x 100cm will pass through a wedding ring.
What is the Threat?

Inevitably anything experiencing such a mass market transformation must endure a ’nip‘ here and a ‚tuck‘ there and quality is often the victim with inferior fibres and blended fibres undermining the reputation of the purest cashmere products. But it is not only the supply side that is threatening to visit more information eradicate the Ring Shawl. The perception of cashmere as the ultimate luxury clothing fabric amongst consumers has now changed. Abigail Abbas, the co-founder of the luxury accessories retailer, has noticed a change in consumer attitudes towards luxury cashmere shawls. &24934;hen you can buy a cashmere jumper at Asda for ?2, paying ?00 for a pure pashmina shawl seems ludicrous to many shoppers even if it is of the highest quality? However, Ms Abbas goes on to say that those people who know the craftsmanship and quality that goes into the making of a Ring Shawl do not hesitate when buying as they know that it will last a lifetime, unlike the &24968;hrow away?cashmere you find on supermarket shelves.

Unfortunately this trend looks set to continue as the price of cashmere is set to rise, as retailers who seek to maintain their margins will look to cheaper alternatives.

What Does this Mean for the Future of the Ring Shawl?

As suppliers switch to inferior fabric quality and blends to meet the demands of consumers and their balance sheets, the future of the Ring Shawl and the skills that make it such a unique and mysterious item look uncertain. However there is hope. In late 2008 Kashmiri Shawls were given Geographical Indication (GI) certification status. This is designed to protect it against imitation, gives a much needed boost to the handicraft industry of Kashmir and restores the items?exclusive reputation much like the GI certification given to Darjeeling Tea in 2007.

In addition by championing the Ring Shawl, retailers such as can not only bring beautiful exquisite quality shawls and scarves to the UK market, but in doing help to preserve the unique skills and livelihoods of many families in Kashmir.

To see’s range of Ring Shawls, please click in the following link – Pashmina Shawl

Is Your Company Going Through Major Change?

It is amazing to me how many companies undertake a major change with little pre-planning, and then they wonder why the change didn’t go smoothly. By some accounts, as high as 50% of all organizational changes fail.
If your organization is getting ready to undertake a major change there are several change models that offer an understanding of what happens inside the company during a change and what you can do to make it go more smoothly.
One of the most widely accepted model of change was articulated by Lewin. He suggests that there are three major stages of change: Unfreezing (preparation and planning), Change (implementation), and Refreezing (anchoring it in the new culture). It sounds somewhat simple, right? Well, it is a bit more complicated than it sounds. With such a high failure rate, it is imperative that companies spend a great deal of time on each stage of the change process.
All the prominent change models are based on the premise that organizations are systems with each part being interdependent on the other. A gentleman named Nadler believed that an organization can only experience optimal performance when all parts of the system are congruent.
Unfreezing (Planning and Preparation):
In the first stage, the organization has to set the stage for change and prepare the organization for what lies ahead. The most important visit more information decision an organization makes at this point is to assign a change manager – someone, first and foremost, who understands the change process. In many cases this has to be an outside consultant who specializes in this area. The change manager’s role is to guide them through the various stages of change. There should also be a project manager whose role it is to make sure that the check here change is implemented across the organization. And it is absolutely essential that the change is not only supported by, but driven by top management.
For a major system-wide change, it is necessary to bring together a Change Team. The team should have representation from all areas of the business, and should include both those who are ardent supporters, and those who might have enough informal influence to derail the change. One major premise of change is this: “People support what they help create.”
It is critical during the preparation and planning stage that those in charge of the change first do a thorough assessment of the readiness for change. First identify and look at the drivers of the change. What makes change necessary? What are all the issues related to the change? What will happen if we don’t make this change? If we do make it, how will this change affect the various aspects of the organization such as the organizational structure, business processes and systems (technology, billing, payroll, collection, day-to-day operations, etc), and stakeholders (customers, suppliers, and employees)?
The organization needs to ask itself a few questions: What must we do to be ready for change? Are there business processes that will need to be changed before we can proceed with this change? Are employees ready to support the change? If not, what must we do to prepare them? Who has the power to make or break the change? Will this change require us to reduce or add to the work force? If so, what is our plan to do that? How will this affect our current culture (for example if acquiring and merging with another company)? Is there a sense of urgency to change what is not working? If not, how can we create that sense of urgency?
Paramount during this stage is to craft a compelling business case and an inspirational vision for the Check our website upcoming change. Having the answers to the above questions will help tremendously to craft a business case and vision. Change must make sense to the various stakeholders in order for them to buy in and support it. The old visit more information adage “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) is crucial.
A vision statement should tell the story of what the organization will look like when the change is completed. It should outline the benefits to the various stakeholder groups. And finally it should have the “big picture” plan for how change will be implemented. The details will follow later. The message must be communicated, and communicated again and again.
Communication during a major change can be tricky. Change initiatives often flounder because not enough attention is given to crafting the communication strategy. People need to feel that they know what is going on, but too much information could cause them to “turn a deaf ear” to the messages. It is a good idea to create a communication plan outlining:
• the various targets for communication
• the message(s) they need to hear
• the best timing for the message(s)
• the communication vehicles to be used; and
• the best person(s) to deliver the message.
In addition to a communication plan there needs to be a very detailed plan for all aspects of the implementation. The first place to start is to examine “quick wins”. Are there things that can be put into place quickly to show employees that change is occurring? Are there employee concerns that can be addressed up front? Quick wins help bring on board the “fence sitters”. Statistically, it appears that about 20% of your employees will jump on board with the change right away; 30% will openly resist it, while about 50% of them will be “fence sitters.” Quick wins can help you win over a large contingency of your employee population. And it should go without saying, but don’t forget to communicate the “wins.”
Change (Implementation):
Besides executing and monitoring the detailed implementation plan, this phase also involves keeping employees informed of progress, getting input on how the change is affecting stakeholders, systems and processes, and continuing communication that challenges rumors, reassures employees and reaffirms senior management commitment to the change.
During this process it is helpful to have a “scorecard” to measure and keep stakeholders informed of the progress. Companies often track and publish promised to actual implementation times, budget to actual expenses, productivity gains, or increased earnings.
Refreezing (Anchoring it in the Culture): (1027 words)
A company’s “culture” is its shared beliefs, values, and assumptions, and norms. There can be any number of sub-cultures as well, based on work group, physical location, etc. It has been estimated by some that 70% of change management projects fail due to culture, not strategy. An organization can have a strong strategy, the best implementation plan, and a dynamic communication plan, but still fail if they failed to consider all the various aspects of a the organization’s culture (and sub-cultures).
Anchoring a change in the culture starts early in the process, by understanding what kind of culture (or cultures) you have. What are their belief systems? How strongly do they hold those beliefs? Are those beliefs consistent with the new ways of doing things, or in direct opposition? If you are merging with or acquiring a new company, this is a critical element. You need to evaluate how well the two cultures will be aligned. If there are drastic differences, some companies elect to bring on a new business product or service, but not bring the employees with it. Sometimes it is easier to take a chance on a totally new employee versus one that has become so engrossed in a culture that is not congruent with the acquiring company. Other companies begin integrating employees from the new culture early and bring them into the change process.
Changes have to be anchored into the various “people systems,” such as performance management processes, employee and leadership development, the selection and interview process. A good way to do this is to define the culture you want to create or the behaviors that need to be demonstrated in order for the change to be successful. Define the competencies (skills, knowledge, abilities, and other personal characteristics) that will contribute to the desired culture. You can then hire for those competencies, assess current employees against them through your performance management process, and create plans for developing such competence in employees. (326 for this section)