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Is The Beat Thang Authentic?

Are you excited about the technological advancements in music production equipment? The new production station from Beat Kangz Electronics promises to deliver!
After the huge visit our site success of their collaboration with Zoom on the Streetbox SB-246, the Beat Kangz gained much momentum and popularity for their sound design skills.
But they didn’t want to rest on that success,so they took matters into their own hands, forming the first independent electronics company focused on urban electronic music, to bring to reality the ideas inside many musicians heads
There has never been an electronics company devoted to giving urban electronic musicians tools dedicated to their exact genre of music.|Never has their been a company, or a product aimed soley at providing the urban, dance, and electronic musician the the exact tools they want and need to continue to push the envelope in the music industry.|When is the last time you saw an independent electronics company created to serve the urban music community by creating a product specifically for their style of
This company is made up of music producers, musicians, and electronic music creators, ready to make history on their own terms.
Many assumed this beat kangz beat thang was a hoax, a gimmick, or an out right joke,until they showed up at namm with a product, and various videos with production units.
As an electronic musician myself, I am excited about this company and product
This article wasn’t meant to be a full technical review of the beat kangz beat thang, I just wanted to show that this is definitely a real product from a real company
However, some of the technical specifications include:
Connects seamless with Beat Thang Software.Onboard sampler & resampler, edit sample start and end times. Process samples using normalize, reverse and resample.Rugged all metal chassis!Pitch and Mod wheel.Individual bar lengths and tap tempo.16 tracks to create patterns, perform and remix on the fly.16 layers of velocity sensitivity for emotive performance.Rechargeable internal battery.2 high speed SD card slots.Add BANG with onboard mastering.
The Beat Kangz have hit the industry by storm, asking consumers what they want in the machine, interaction on internet forums, doing everything that most traditional companies don’t do.
Getting out and engaging the community is what grassroots promotion is all about
Many didn’t know if this beat thang was real or not, I hope I’ve shown how real it actually is.
Some people may not like their marketing, their slang, or their click here personalities, but I don’t think that has much to do with how good the product will be.
They are implementing many features in their product that many producers have dreamed of having for a long time.
They realize many of us are highly mobile these days, and that at some point we will be using a computer in the creative process.
Things like giving it a rechargeable battery, allowing it to connect to the computer via usb, and creating a companion software that does everything the hardware can do, allowing you to transfer files and work seamlessly.
The bottom line is that this click this website looks to be an awesome product, from a company that „get it“.
Click here to learn more about the beat kangz and their beat thang production tools.

Is Steam Boiler A Time Bomb?

Before answering the question, let us examine the following scenarios: On Dec 29, 2009, a boiler exploded at a palm oil mill in Sabah, Malaysia, killing one boilerman and injured many others. On September 24, 2010, nine people were killed and four others injured when a boiler exploded in an aluminum plant in Xiaoyi City, China, and on Feb 22, 2011 in Talkatora Industrial Estate in Uttar Pradesh, India, three persons were killed and six received serious burn injuries following a huge boiler explosion in Kiran Plywood Factory.

Based on those incidents, despite having various protections and inspections by local jurisdictions, we can conclude click more details that explosion is actually not very rare in modern boilers. It happened almost every year although today, the casualty did not exceed 20 people per year. The good news about boiler explosion is that it can be prevented. The bad news however, some personnel are not aware of the mechanism of boiler explosion and tend to stick to the routine they have been practicing for years, and thus accident happens. So the answer is, yes and no.

Investigations after investigations were made and human errors seem to be the main cause for boiler explosion. Other causes are inadequate boiler operating procedure, improper boiler maintenance, or inoperative boiler controls and safety devices. Therefore, special considerations must be made on standard operator training.

The topic of boiler explosion is too broad to be covered in a short article; therefore, I shall only discuss the causes of fireside explosion, since furnace explosion is more common than waterside explosion. First of all, what is fireside explosion? Well, in a fireside explosion, an accumulated combustible mixture ignites almost simultaneously, creating a force which exceeds the yield strength of the boiler furnace, casing or uptake, causing catastrophic structural damage. The sudden load explosion in the boiler furnace can be heard miles away.

The principal cause of furnace explosion for oil-firing boiler is the accumulation of unburned fuel in the furnace due to incomplete or non-ignition. The accumulated oil on the hot furnace floor begins to volatize and releases its combustible gases when the operator initiates another trial for ignition. When the mixture of unburned fuel with air is in explosive proportion, explosion will occur. Explosive proportion is where the lower explosive limit (LEL) of diesel fuel marine (DFM) is 0.6% by volume visit more information vapor to oxygen. Once the LEL is reached, explosion may occur. Maximum explosion normally occurs at 2.0% by volume DFM vapor to oxygen.

There are many ways the oil may enter the furnace in an unburned state. Poor atomization can cause discharge of unburned oil into the furnace. There are three ways of atomizing fuel, which are forcing under pressure of 5 to 15 bars, steam atomizing, ranging from 5 bars to this website 10 bars of steam, and mechanical atomization (rotary cup atomizers) with a rotary cup rotates at 8,000 rpm. Obviously, if the atomizing pressure is too low, oil cannot atomize properly and much oil will drop on the furnace floor in an unburned state. Sometimes atomizing steam can be wet due to high condensate which is often due to poorly insulated steam line or malfunctioned steam traps, which can result in loss of atomization.

Most importantly, atomization is affected by the viscosity of the oil which in turn affected by the temperature. To prevent this, the oil tips must be clean, the oil temperature must be correct to keep the oil at oil firing viscosity of 200 to 220 SSU (Saybolt Seconds Universal), and the atomizing steam (or air) pressure and fuel oil pressure must be properly adjusted. This means that the oil must be heated up to 60oC for light oil and as high as 95oC for heavy oil.

Fuel inlet valve can also be a problem. Fuel can also enter the furnace through leaky fuel inlet valves on idle burners. Sometimes, the fuel inlet valve cannot secure fuel supply to atomizers promptly when fires are extinguished or there is a slight delay in fuel shut off if the flame extinguished unexpectedly.

During starting up, sometimes difficulty is experienced in establishing ignition due to failure of photocell or flame scanner (or other mechanical problems) that can prompt the boilermen to attempt starting up the boiler for several times, which resulted in pool of unburned fuel to be accumulated after each trial.

Failure to purge furnace properly, including furnace, boiler and uptake areas can also cause boiler explosion. During boiler startup, purging sequence is required to drive out all combustible and explosive gas from the furnace through the uptake before ignition. Purging sequence must be sufficient. As a rule of thumb, an ideal purging should give five changes of volume. For a large boiler, normal set time would be 20 minutes while for a medium or smaller, a shorter time may be required, and the air flow must be low, which is only 25% of the normal full-load air. Purge air requirement is normally 4 SCFM for light fuel or 15 SFCM for heavy fuel. A word of caution, never bypass the purging sequence by all means.

Learn how flame impingement and soot blowing can contribute to fireside explosion. Besides overpressure, learn how low water and other causes can cause waterside explosion and implosion. And most importantly, know the ways to prevent boiler explosion from me in detail.

Is Your Relationship Practical?

There isn&25264; much about that love is practical, except, of course, for the fact that it practically drives you insane. There are many ways that people approach looking for love. For most people, love finds them and not the other way around. Usually when a person finds themselves with the lasso of love around them, they are thinking about anything and everything, with the exception of the practicality of their new relationship.

If new love is hot enough to consume every bit of waking attention and focus, people rarely care if it meets any other criteria they may have had before it showed up. check here It&25263; easy for people to get so caught up in the new perfectness of this familiar feeling, especially since they are experiencing it with somebody who has done nothing but make them feel great.

All this abandon that you throw into the wind while in this altered state takes flight like a kite on a windy day. But much like the kite, as soon as the wind dies down a bit, your rational mind comes back down to earth, sometimes a bit tangled, and not as pretty as it did when it went up.

As soon as the chemicals of new love start to level out in your brain, and return to you, your sanity, you naturally start evaluating the logistics of your new situation, and sometimes make startling discoveries.

The person we found so irresistible that you couldn&25264; keep your hands off of really can&25264; keep their hands off of you either; even in the foyer of fancy restaurants, in front of anybody unfortunate to be standing there. At first it was a rush and an extreme compliment, but now that the fog has cleared and you have located your modesty, that same behavior is nothing more than embarrassing.

Practicality is a bit of a buzz kill, but visit more information you cannot ignore its logic when it comes to relationships. Just because the guy you met in that, dark hole in wall, bar made you laugh so hard that beer shot out of your nose, doesn&25264; mean that you would be willing, or able to ignore the fact that he is a regular at that bar, and everybody there knows his name. Even if click here you were willing to walk on the wild side with him for a while and frequent that bar with him, eventually you would realize how impractical it is to go to work with a hangover, every day.

Now there are exceptions to every rule, even the rule of practicality. If you find yourself in a deliciously impractical relationship, it can be okay to make the decision to go forward with it if it gets you out of a rut that you may have slipped into, or just to get your heart pumping again. Just make sure you realize the limitations of this kind of relationship, and don&25264; let yourself get taken too far from where you actually want to be. A relationship that serves no other purpose but to bring happiness and pleasure can be intense and wild. Just make sure to check in with your practical side every so often so you don&25264; find yourself floating too high for your own comfort.

Is Voip An Easy Choice For Your Calls?

Making Voice over Internet Protocol calls over the Internet is very simple and really is an advantageous stand-in to conventional landline telephones or mobile phones. It is not a new concept for internet users and was not much used, as VoIP required broadband click this website Internet and broadband is been increasingly used just starting form few years ago and has is becoming a prevalent activity among broadband users.

Why should you use VoIP?

The imperative thing about VoIP is the reduced cost comparing to call cost made over conventional telephone. Calls made within VoIP users are free even in case of international calls because you already pay for your regular internet usage. You may not need any additional equipment for this but require a headphone.

In addition, voice over broadband of 1Mbps onwards offers you the fine quality, better than that of a landline telephone call. The voice quality is generally adequate even if it is an ISDN line or a dialup line.

How does VoIP work?

A mature internet user knows the complex usage of internet, typically sending/receiving emails, audio/video and software downloads are few out of it. Making phone calls over internet is one another use of the internet and it is by VoIP.

A headphone will work in place of a conventional telephone and the only difference is how the conversation is carried from and to in between. The outline is same, no matter what read more type of broadband you have, ADSL, cable, wireless or satellite broadband.

The most striking offer of VoIP is that you can make free international calls anytime, to anyone who is a VoIP user too. But it does stop here. Still if you want to use VoIP to call folks who are not VoIP featured, just go and have your gateway service that act as a bridge between VoIP user and the conventional telephone users.

By its basic nature, VoIP allows communication among VoIP users only and in general, this is adequate for many. But for this website those have VoIP and still want to call a conventional telephone user, can have the PSTN gateway services to connect and call a conventional telephone user. In such case, you can look for a VoIP phone in place of headphone.

VoIP Make Your Calls, Straight Forward

It is simple to call using VoIP. A widely used free phone or messaging software and a headphone will do this. Have them and install it to your broadband setup.

If you are habitual to call people who use different softwares from yours, you need mutli-software installation and most of them are available as free downloads. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ are few of these free softwares.

VoIP handsets and their adapters fairly replace your headphone, making your talking experience enjoyable and are generally called, IP phone. Dual-purpose phones for calling both VoIP as well as conventional phone user avoid the existence of two phones and this make your calling experience, imaginative.

Broadband users who make regular calls to other broadband users can pick VoIP for two factors, cost and comfort. For those who make a lot of long-distance and international calls particularly, overseas calls, VoIP nearly replace the regular telephone usage.

For business people, VoIP is a sensible alternative. Business users can benefit from significant saving on calls via VoIP. Business houses, operating from international locations can make extensive use of VoIP. What other than that of making calling to your customers and suppliers for free or at slashed rate is going to be your better business thought.

Is Your Partner Affair Material?

People say that a male is very often more likely to get involved with an adulterous share here affair compared to a woman. Yet, many of these instances of cheating required a couple of married individuals – a dishonest hubby on the one hand and an unfaithful wife on the other and as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Quite a few husbands simply won’t believe that their lover could carry out such a thing and every time they have a look at their wife affair is the very last thing that enters their thoughts.

Can it be really possible to predict whether or not an act of cheating will take place and is it, that being said, truly possible to prevent it? It’s sad that mathematically your potential for avoiding this kind of affair is less than 50-50, however you could be the exception that proves the actual rule when you just keep the eyes open.

1. There will always be indicators. When two people meet up for just about any significant period of time and are in a quite sharing and involved partnership, they begin read more to think on the same wavelength. This really is hard to evaluate, but when you’re in this type of picture you’ll know just what I’m talking about. Therefore, in the circumstances, it is extremely tough to conceal any adulterous activity and it is wise to be on the lookout for that little something which doesn’t appear quite right.

2. Be familiar with visit more information anybody in your spouse’s direct circle. It is said that an affair is generally likely to commence with an attraction to someone who may be known fairly well. As such, the danger can come from inside your immediate circle of buddies and associates, or a colleague. Make sure that you are aware of these folks and that you can trust them.

3. Where is the actual line in between friendship and something far more close? Who is your wife turning to for assistance or guidance if not you? Defend against being so embroiled in your own daily life that you just cannot see that she may be crying out some way for more input on your part. If you fail to provide this assistance and also peace of mind to her, the person who she turns to might, over time and unconsciously, become a love interest.

4. Watch out for the sandbox. In academic terminology, a sandbox is usually a spot that you might develop a strategy, notion or venture prior to being prepared to unleash it, discuss it or even act on it. In romance terminology, never let your better half handle an in depth connection with someone else as the sandbox to find out whether or not the grass genuinely is greener on that side of this fence. Contemplate, „Is my wife affair material?“ Through not paying particular attention to the intricacies and also the intimacies you might be, without knowing it, forcing her directly into that developmental, emotional sandbox.

It’s very rare that an affair has nothing to do with the cheated person whatsoever, therefore you have to keep your eyes open and be realistic and be sure that you are not currently being much more contributory than you may think.

Is The Lg 50pq6000 Tv Worth Considering?

While most things start to become smaller and smaller, nothing still beats a big television screen where you can watch all your favorite shows and movies – in great detail and rich colors. Having a large screen plasma TV is never disappointing, as well, like this LG television. Featuring an exquisite 50″ widescreen HD ready display, the LG 50PQ6000 is one plasma television that you would need for all your gadgets.

The LG 50PQ6000 has a native resolution of 1365 x 768p, displaying better-detailed picture whatever you might be watching. And unlike LCD TVs with fairly low contrast ratios, this 50″ plasma television has a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 which effectively enhances the blacks that it displays, making sure that you get to have great details even in low-light scenes.

If you love watching high-action scenes but hold back because they might look blurry, then worry no more. The LG 50PQ6000 has TruMotion which features a high refresh rate, making sure that even fast more details action scenes would remain smooth and fluid-like. It features a glossy black cabinet to complement any room inside your home.

It features three HDMI ports, and has support for color depths of 30-bit, 36-bit and 48-bit to make sure that your LG 50PQ6000 only displays smooth gradations of billions of colors. Link your home theater systems, DVD players and gaming consoles all at the same time through its various inputs, HDMI included. You may also use your USB flash drive and other USB devices to view photos, listen to MP3s, and play back movies. And with a PC input 15-pin port, you can use this plasma as an extra monitor.

FreeView lets you watch 48 digital TV channels, and the LG 50PQ6000 is equipped with such. It also lets you listen to 24 digital radio stations – without any subscriptions and contracts. You get to watch high-detail TV shows as soon as you bring it out of its box!

720p, 1080i or 1080p – it doesn’t matter with the LG 50PQ6000 because it can play them all without any worries or extra settings. Moreover, visit more information you also get to play high definition MPEG4 movies and videos from your USB devices, as well as those compressed with DivX technology. Playing movies straight from your USB devices could never be easier!

It has eight aspect ratio presets so you can optimize your LG 50PQ6000’s 50-inch screen: 16:9, Original, Full Wide, 4:3, 14:9, Zoom, Cinema Zoom1 and Just Scan.

Of course, what is watching when there is no audio? With the LG 50PQ6000, you get to have two 10-watt speakers featuring SRS TruSurround XT, effectively optimizing your TV’s audio without needing or requiring an extra home theater system.

For expansion, you may hook up an extra speaker system via its optical digital audio out – the perfect companion for watching in the 50-inch LG plasma display.

Five audio presets are included in this LG plasma TV: Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport and Game. In addition, it also effectively enhances human voices when you watch TV or play games – thanks to LG’s Clear Voice II which makes voices clearer and more audible.

LG’s Intelligent Sensor II is also included in your 50″ LG plasma, as it automatically adjusts your picture’s settings according to your environment. This makes sure that you get the best picture, while saving energy.

Enjoy your LG 50PQ6000 and take a look at exceptional picture quality that it can give you – right in the comforts of your home.